se puede enseñar a amar a un hijo

Since coming to this world, babies demonstrate their temperament, some cry a lot and sleep little, while others sleep more and cry less or not at all. Do you know why mom? because each child is a different world, then, can the environment determine the way that a child learns to love and receive love, or just born loving?

The young are born in different families, and the environment is who in the passing of the years, molds their temperament, it is in this moment where do not know if the environment determines the way a child learns to love, although recent studies have confirmed that babies love since they are in the womb and begin to be stimulated by the mother.

Children learn to love

The communication of the parents if they are married or separated will make a difference in how the child see the outside world. The gestures, the looks, words, and stimuli will be part of the communication that children will learn quickly and that are a model for them, this will be part of its evolution and development. The kids learn to communicate and be treated depending on how you make the people around you, this can be seen between 3 and 5 years old when they imitate their parents, teachers, and caregivers.

Kids learn to love depending on the roles of their parents and caregivers, from a very early age, babies begin to feel safe and loved always and when their basic needs are covered.

All the people show their love differently

While increased communication and harmony exists in the home of a child, the dialogue space will be larger, which will allow to manage the differences and express feelings and ideas, this can help the children to say what they feel safety and freedom, in addition to inviting them to be handled in the future in the same way, that is to say, the child is born loving because it is a bond that is created within the mother's womb, but will begin to give love as you receive it and experience it.

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