¿Es posible tener un embarazo seguro durante el verano?

During pregnancy we are more vulnerable to sun exposure and long-term if well is rich to spend a few hours in the pool enjoying our tummy and the wonders of summer, we must avoid suffering a heat stroke, so it is important to dispense with the baths in the hot springs, away from direct exposure to the sun in hours of higher radiation in order to avoid facial marks and get hydrated.

Expert: Alfredo Fredericksen, an ob-gyn Clinic Vespucio

Responding to the frequently asked questions of pregnant women during the summer, the ob / gyn Clinic Vespucci, the doctor Alfredo Fredericksen, refers to the main care that should be considered:

  • Bathing in thermal waters or high temperatures, causes problems for pregnant women by the reactions vasomotor generated, “we speak of a tendency to fainting, and flushing, increased heart beat, redness of the skin and mucous membranes (ruddiness)”the specialist said.
  • The bathrooms in public pools are not contraindicated, provided that the place complies with the health regulations applicable.
  • It is necessary for pregnant women to use permanently, a sunscreen solar, avoiding to be exposed directly during the hours of greatest intensity of radiation (11:00 to 16:00 hrs).
  • In the case of consumption of fish and seafood, these should be eaten boiled, not raw to ensure your cooking and not just with the lemon, as this is not cooking the food.
  • The ob / gyn Clinic Vespucio points to perform exercises such as walking, yoga or swimming are very positive during the pregnancy. “In fact it is recommended that pregnant women do aquatic exercises because gravity feels less and helps to maintain a good muscle tone, control your weight and feel good for waiting”, he clarified.

Resultado de imagen para embarazada haciendo yoga en verano

Tips to enjoy the pregnancy during the summer

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  1. Hydrate

Take plenty of water or fluids is essential for the body during pregnancy, especially in summer time, this way it will be possible to avoid the retention of liquids. To stay hydrated, even before you feel thirsty helps the elimination of toxins from the body, it is advisable to as a minimum two litres of water.

2. Breakfast of champion

Start the day with a breakfast energizing, rich in vitamins, including cereals, dairy and fresh fruits of the season, this will not only keep your skin radiant but will avoid the tiredness that cause the exposure to the sun and the heat.

3. Take breaks

The heat causes fatigue, so that at times it rests, tucked, pamper yourself, this will relax you and also the baby.

4. Wear comfortable

It is essential to bring lightweight clothing, and that does not fit to the body, in the same way, when you think of footwear prevents that are too high, this will prevent back pains and fatigue. Choose clothes of natural fabrics such as cotton.

5. Take care of your skin

During the summer the skin is exposed to the sun and in pregnancy the skin is even more vulnerable, it is necessary to use protectors that are tailored to your skin type even if you're in the shade, moisturize your skin with creams and gel, and avoid to expose yourself to the sun during the central hours with the most radiation.

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