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The bust is one of the most delicate parts of the body of the woman, however, little or nothing we care about breast care, taking into account that to maintain habits so common as hydration and exercise daily especially in the pre and post pregnancy might help in the prevention of stretch marks, cracks and even mastitis.

The breasts are the main attribute aesthetic female. A lot of us care about how they look with a nice t-shirt or a particular bra, but we often neglect the health aesthetics of this area of the body.

Expert: Virginia Socías, medical Director of Lab Chile.

For Virginia Socías this neglect happens because that is an area that, unlike the hands or the face, it is always covered, although this is not an excuse for not providing them with the necessary care.
“The breasts are very sensitive to the passage of time –gravity– and to such factors as the dryness and lack of hydration”, says the professional, and lists some situations that may affect the health of the breasts:

  • Hormonal disorders.
  • Physical movements abrupt.
  • Stress.
  • Alterations in the weight.
  • Constant exposure to solar radiation.
  • The stages pre and post pregnancy, where the most frequent problems are the fall and the cracking of the nipples.

In this regard, the dermatologist of Megasalud, Dr. Alice Cazal, points out that the breast should be cared for from the first age. “One of the most feared problems is the sagging that can be caused by lack of tone of the musculature and/or by loss of elasticity of the skin, influencing this last factors as varied as photo-ageing, sun exposure without protection, breastfeeding, and sudden changes in body weight”.
In this sense, the aesthetic plays a fundamental role in the care of the breasts. Currently, there are active principles created to attack the pathologies that affect this area, so reports the Pharmaceutical Chemist and Technical Adviser of Creams Maam, Ljubica Zulic. “An active principle is the raw material that gives quality to the product. In the case of the cream Redensificadora and Firming of the breasts, the line Maam, for example, the objective is to compact and firm skin, that is to say, that this return to its original place, which is achieved by increasing the amount of collagen and hydrating deeply”.

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Then the experts give us some tips on the care of the breasts:

  • “The completion of the self-examination once a month -7 days after the first day of menstruation - it can mean discovering a cancer at a time, avoiding the need for a mastectomy and improving the long term survival of the patient”, adds dr. Virginia Socías.
  • We must not forget the use of protector to expose the skin of the breasts to the sun.
  • Special care you deserve when you're pregnant, as they increase in size and become more sensitive. “To not have dryness it is best to avoid the application of soap on them, since this removes the natural hydration of the skin, which can cause cracks and pain in breastfeeding”says dr. Cazal. The use of creams should become a habit: twice a day a gentle massage and circular in both breasts and nipples.
  • How breast-feeding influences the best breast care. It is as well as the infant should not be covered with the mouth, only the nipple, but also part of the areola.
  • Throughout the life of a woman, the use of a good bra, the right size, is crucial. It may be cotton and must be fitted correctly to the breast to ensure a good blood circulation.
  • A not less important issue is the power supply. The extra pounds cause the development of a fatty tissue harmful to health: “must Be consumed daily in appropriate quantities of nutrients, avoid the consumption of tobacco and alcoholic beverages, and the frequent use of abrasive products on the skin of the breast”, says the doctor of Megasalud.
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To avoid the dreaded stretch marks and to maintain the good appearance of the bust, can be done on a regular basis a series of simple exercises:

  1. Put the hands on the nape of the neck and stretch your elbows backwards trying to put them together. Repeat 10 times.
  2. Place each hand on the biceps contrary to the height of the chest and press inward. Repeat 10 times.
  3. With your arms straight and raised to the height of the chest, movements of the scissors. Repeat 20 times.

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