enfermedades oculares en los niños

Pathologies such as strabismus, myopia or astigmatism can be overlooked in children, detect early ocular diseases in children is essential to treat them appropriately and prevent their development.

Expert: Raúl Fernández, ophthalmologist Clínica Vespucio

Eye diseases in children that are not treated on time can influence in various ways in their quality of life, it is for this reason that this issue should be controlled by the parents since their children are small and the beginning of a new school term is a good opportunity to recognize the vision problems that children may present.

For guidance on the main pathologies of the eye that can occur in the under the eye Clinic Vespucio dr. Raúl Fernández points out the characteristics and indicates the signs that you should pay attention:

Before the doubt slightest of a vision problem in children it is necessary that the parents go to a specialist, “because that is the best way to detect medically the diseases that the child could present and with it to follow a treatment according to the disease to avoid the development of the same”, says the expert.

Eye diseases in children

What are the most common?

  • Myopia. They do not see correctly the objects that are far away, and most of the times look good up close. A indicator is when children tend to tighten the eyes to focus better.
  • Farsightedness. Clinically look bad from far away and your vision gets worse close, to difference of myopia. To force the view is common that present pain in eyes or head, tearing and blinking frequently.
  • Astigmatism. The person perceives a distorted vision of things, both far and near. “Are classified in astigmatism myopic, hyperopic, and mixed”, he adds.
  • Strabismus. Is the loss of parallelism of the eyes, and is evidenced by a deviation of the eye. “It is a disease that should be evaluated immediately by a specialist”, she explains.
  • Amblyopia. Decrease of the visual acuity even if you use the best correction or lens that may be able to prescribe. By its irreversible character, must be treated before the 7 years of age.

From 4 years of age it is advisable that children have their 1° control eye prevention. “This may be necessary if there is a specific condition, or a family history of problems in sight”, he says.

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Symptoms of vision problems in children

  • Sits very close to the television.
  • Will sting the eyes and has a excessive tearing.
  • Complains of tiredness in the eyes and headache.
  • Difficult to read at a distance.
  • He writes with the face closer to the paper.
  • Has trouble running, and his movements are clumsy.

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