Fiestas patrias 2017

In this article you will find:

  • If you're in your own car
  • If you're on public transport

The emotion takes over all chileans each year on 18 September, or what is also know as Eighteen, when they reach the fiestas patrias, the sky a tapestry of sparkles and ruffles, in houses flying the flags; some stay at home enjoying the days off and others decide to embark on a journey through the lands of chilean, that's why we've prepared a few tips for you to enjoy these days:

If you're going to go for a walk you have two options:

  • Go in their own cars.
  • Go by public transport.

If you're in your own car

  • Prepare everything a day before going on a trip, many times the hurry makes you forget important things.
  • The person who decides to drive needs to sleep the night before the time needed, especially if the journey is long. Return home with the physical integrity intact is vital.
  • it is essential that the day before, and conduct the check of the car, if not you can review it at home, a good option is to go to a repair shop.
  • Days before leaving to the destination you selected, you must investigate on the route, and of course have the GPS programmed.
  • You can't forget the emergency kit.
  • It performs the buy at the grocery store with days in advance to avoid the queues at the supermarket.
  • When you're ready to leave, put the music that you like and voila! to enjoy the tour.

If you're on public transport

  • If you're going by public transport it is best to carry a luggage comfortable, where you can distribute things in an orderly manner.
  • If you have babies, the most advisable would be to use a large luggage for all, an excess of luggage can be tricky.
  • If your trip is 9Am is out for at least 2 hours prior to home, in this way prevent the queues of traffic.
  • Prepares the Tablet for your children, and your iPod, take the music of your preference and enjoy the ride.

If you choose to stay in Santiago of Chile you can opt for:

  • Visit the Palace of the currency.
  • Tours of the cerro San Cristobal.
  • You can visit the hot springs in Cajón del Maipo.
  • You can also go to the National Museum of Natural History.
  • If you want a lot of fun and adrenaline Fantasyland is a good option.
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