Cómo saber si tengo depresión postparto

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  • How much can you take depression?
  • How do I know if I have postpartum depression?
  • Could it be related to the hormonal changes?
  • How a woman with depression can hurt your baby?
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Most cases of postpartum depression emerges in the first month after the birth, although sometimes this condition can appear 6 months later; according to the World Health Organization 1 house 6 mothers are affected by this kind of disorder, some mothers first-time mom is wondering How to know if I have postpartum depression?, Facemamá gives you the answer and explains everything about the subject.

How much can you take depression?

This disease that grows increasingly more in the world's population in women may last for months and even years, where the ability of the woman looks faded by the long-awaited, sadness, and guilt though you may not see the reason for it.

It is not yet known why women develop this condition but some specialists claim that there is probably no single cause, but rather different types of stress that can have the same result or that can act in conjunction.

How do I know if I have postpartum depression?

  • A prior history of depression (especially postpartum depression).
  • Lack of support on the part of the couple.
  • A premature baby or with any type of disease.
  • If the woman lost her mother when she was a girl.
  • An accumulation of adverse life events, such as the death of a loved one, the loss of employment of the patient or his partner, economic problems, housing, among others.
  • Lack of mental preparation, be incapable of raising a baby even with the support of family or friends.
  • A labor forced to are times when natural births have a long struggle can cause a trauma, and tend to the mother to restrict an emotional attachment to the child.

Could it be related to the hormonal changes?

It is likely that postpartum depression as a disorder of stress is related to the significant hormonal changes that take place in the time of the birth of her child; the levels of estrogen, progesterone, and other hormones related to reproduction that can affect the emotions, causing them to descend sharply after birth causing a depression.

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How a woman with depression can hurt your baby?

It is not true that women with postpartum depression may try to hurt their young, but if they can feel unsure of themselves, worry a lot and have a lot of fear of doing something wrong and sometimes anxiety promotes the lack of sleep by generating stress.


  • During this condition what should a woman do is to go to a doctor so he can diagnose the depressive picture.
  • Today there is a growing awareness for the recognition and treatment of depression in general and postpartum depression as a disorder by the stress should not be an exception.
  • For this type of stress face anxiety lies in some activities that you stick to the interest and personality to walk while the baby is in their stroller, go to parks, talk with other mothers, build relationships distracts the brain and plunges him into an activity that makes the mother forget their worries.

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