Soplo en el corazón de los bebés

A heart murmur in babies is a noise light that causes the blood to pass through the heart, and although many parents are scared when their children are diagnosed with a heart murmur, this does not mean that involves a condition, including, half of the children born with this condition that in most cases it is harmless and has no major impact on the health of the child.

Heart murmur in babies how to detect it?

Generally, during the first visits to the pediatrician, the specialist by means of an examination with the stethoscope, you can detect if there is the presence of a murmur in the baby's heart, after that the paediatrician along with the cardiologist child will determine if it is a murmur that is functional (meaning that the child is healthy) or if he comes for a heart problem in specific.

In newborns can be detected in the breath by means of an examination carried out by the neonatologist at the time of birth; it can disappear in hours or days and the most frequent cause is the adjustment of the circulation to the external conditions of the baby. You can also be the product of an anomaly that will disappear by itself with the passing of the days.

For its part, in older children it will be detected by routine visits to the pediatrician or any medical test that required the child before entering school or a sport. Although it may seem like a signal of alarm, the important thing is to know what type of murmur has the child, which in most cases is a normal phenomenon associated with the expansion of the volume of the circulation of the blood.

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The noise of the blood when it passes through the heart in periods of rapid growth is what generates turbulence, which are listened to with a stethoscope, the pediatrician will make in-depth studies the child to rule out heart problems.

Murmurs functional: also known as innocent murmurs or transient, tend to appear and disappear by themselves during childhood and do not come from heart disorders, the murmur is the product of a healthy heart.

Puffs organic in the heart of children and babies: these take place where a cardiac anomaly and are permanent.

Symptoms of heart murmurs-organic:

  • The child sweats very much.
  • does not grow properly.
  • Breathing accelerated.
  • Exhaustion.
  • It becomes purple when performing activities that generate more effort.

Is by a chest x-ray that the pediatrician will diagnose what type of heart murmur presents to the child and added to the valuation of the cardiologist child for possible treatment.

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