¿Cómo evitar exponer al bebé ante el cambio de clima?

The abrupt changes of climate and/or the environment in which the babies do produce an alteration in the immune system which makes you more prone to infection of respiratory and digestive ailments. However, to avoid exposing the baby to the change of climate is possible by taking into account the recommendations of the specialists.

Expert: Mauro Carvacho, head of Emergency Clinic The Career

The low temperatures and drizzle that sometimes in the middle of the summer may surprise us, for this reason, many times the moms we have been forced to re-taking the winter wear in the closet of our babies for a few days to avoid atmospheric changes produce counter-productive effects on the health of small.

The head of the Emergency department of the Clinic The Career of Quilpué, Mauro Carvacho, about adds that “it is important to be attentive to the variations of temperature to prevent pictures of influenza-like illness and coping with the days heat better.” For the specialist, the sudden changes of climate produce an alteration in the immune system so that the babies would be more prone to colds and other viral illnesses, so it's recommended to use disinfectants in enclosed spaces to protect children and the whole family.

“There are times of the year in which it is common during the day in hot weather, but that between four and five in the afternoon the temperature drops and run a lot of wind, so if you are going to take your baby out of the house early in the morning it is essential to bring something to cuddle in the afternoon”, says the urgenciólogo.

In the same way recommended to ventilate the housing and to avoid the abrupt change that means being exposed to the air conditioning and then to room temperature. The doctor emphasizes that it is essential to wash your hands often, because respiratory diseases are easily spread through skin contact.

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  • Consume liquid during the day.
  • Ventilate enclosed places.
  • Change clothes if you make sport and you will sweat.
  • Avoid crowds, especially when there are children.
  • Have a healthy diet.
  • Covering the mouth when sneezing or coughing, as they are expelled droplets of saliva to a distance of two to three meters approximately.

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