el niño no quiere ir al colegio

Go to the school it is wonderful for some children, but in the first instance is not always the case, the parents also feel scared by the fact of leaving our little treasures in the hands of a stranger; their teachers, do not know how they are and not how they will treat our guys and when you feel that fear to detachment, leave them alone, “for the first time, we broadcast to the child our fears and insecurities. So, what to do if the child does not want to go to school?

It is essential that as parents, let's talk prior to the child about school, their teachers and classmates, show us serene and safe for the kids to not see the school as a traumatic event, let's start by passing on peace of mind and confidence when faced with the unknown. In this way, we will avoid the rejection of the small into the school.

Rejection school

School phobia occurs when the child experiences some type of fear to the school by a variety of factors, the fear of the master, trouble with classmates, adaptation. To these were added the cases of children who have presented any severe illness, divorce of parents, separation from the mother, among other situations that could influence the child's behavior.

Resultado de imagen para niño llora porque no quiere ir a la escuela

Symptoms of rejection school

  • Behavior: maintains a negative behavior, has tantrums, yells, cries and when he is in the classroom with their peers their behavior is the same or shows aggressive.
  • Physiological symptoms: sweaty hands, insomnia, loss of appetite, body is tense, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, emotional.
  • Cognitive symptoms: fear and rejection of anything that has to do with the school and its environment.

This situation can occur in children between 5 and 7 years old is when they start the school days and the fear of the unknown and detachment makes them feel panic school, also can be noticed in children between 10 and 13 years because they begin to face new challenges and pre-adolescence. Although it may seem difficult for parents to resolve this school phobia, and the fears of our children can go conquering little by little until you get the child to feel comfortable to attend the school.

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Resultado de imagen para fobia escolar

The child does not want to go to school what should parents do?

  • Adaptation: if the child does not want to go to school and feel afraid, the right thing is following him, carrying him speak to you in positive schooling and motivate you.
  • Talk with the child: before starting the maternal (nursery), talk with your child about the wonders of school, her teacher and friends, show confidence and talk about what's great that will be that new stage in your life, so when she gets to school the child will be fascinated and anxious to get started.
  • Confidence: looking for an environment where the child feels comfortable, a caring teacher and is always someone close to the guy let him in the door and pick it up at the time of departure.
  • Rewards: although going to school is a duty of the child, during the process of adaptation establishes a “system of rewards” for you to feel motivated.
  • Negative attitude: if your little one has something bad to say about the school, prevents feeding of these situations, you are looking for a way of speaking to the positive and give solutions.
  • Friends: let the child create his group of friends and constantly organizes visits outside of the school environment.
  • Establish routines before and in the first days of class: to convey security and confidence to the boys.

How to cope with the first day of school of a child

If the child does not want to go to school, we must keep the same positive attitude all the time, if the children see us safe and at ease, they also feel well and be made with better mood your startup classes, say goodbye to he as brief as possible and let him understand that you will be there to pick you up on time at the output. If the child cries, the ideal is to let the teacher take you to where they are their classmates, it will adapt and finally when it is time to look for it show up even more happy, ask for their activities, friends, and teacher, you'll soon lose the fear and you don't want to leave the school.

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