mejorar el sueño nocturno del bebé

It is important that parents teach their children to sleep alone and to help them to acquire sleep habits that are healthy, even the children who sleep easily, sometimes they need a little help to go to bed. However, many babies have trouble sleeping and before such a concern is relevant that dads effectively improve the nighttime sleep of the baby using short-term strategies that help your rest and have better development.

Create routines of sleep is not always easy, but simple strategies such as a teddy bear, pacifier, a melody, caressing, his favorite blanket or something that identifies you, you can help the little one fall asleep without a problem. However, we must be careful with the attachment to these objects or people as it is possible to bring about an undesired effect, that is to say, the child may end up depending solely on the presence of a specific product or situation in order to fall asleep.

se debe colocar al bebé boca abajo

Another strategy that can help to improve the night's sleep of your baby is sucking the finger as you relax at the time of sleep, but this can cause dental problems in children long-term.

Some babies sleep very fragile so that it is disoriented or upset when they wake up at night in a dark room and cannot see anything recognisable. For such a situation there is a simple solution: acquire a night light, this will ensure that he sits on a secure environment and will help you to get back to sleep.

What to do to improve the night's sleep of the baby?

Routines night

  • The ritual may include any of the following items; or even, all: give a bath to the child, play quietly, help him to put on his pajamas, read a story or two, sing a lullaby, and give her a good night kiss.
  • Going to bed always at the same hour during the week and on weekends, is key to establishing good sleep habits.
  • Adapt the child to an object to sleep (short-term and vary the object).
  • Snuggling or breastfeeding.
  • The pacifier.
  • Recordings of ambient noise or music.

All of these remedies should be considered short-term solutions and avoiding the emotional attachment, because the child needs to learn to fall asleep on her own, instead of relying on noise, special or other products.

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