Cómo saber si el niño está tomando suficiente leche

After the first three or four days of a newborn's life, the amount of meals will vary between about eight and fifteen times a day, which corresponds to a process of adaptation for both the mother and the baby. Many moms are unaware that the milk takes longer to digest around 2 hours, which is why it can be noted that the small is not satisfied and this makes us wonder: what My baby is hungry?

The weight, an important aspect

The manner in which the mom can tell if your child is getting the amount of milk you need is by going to the doctor. Newborns tend to decrease by between 5 and 9% of their weight first, however, they recover about 2 weeks of life.

Keys that determine good health

  • The child is fed every 2 or 3 hours at least 8 times a day, during his 2 or 3 first weeks of life.
  • In the first month the child defecates 3 times a day and his stool looks yellowish-mustard. After the first month it will not defecate as often.
  • You can mess up to 8 cloth diapers daily, up to 6 disposable.
  • With disposable diapers it happens that, sometimes, the mom can't distinguish very easily if they are wet. If you are not sure, then, better take one and compare the weight of the child with one dry.
  • The mom manages to listen to its small, when you take the chest (swallowed) in a quiet place. Feel your breasts more soft once gives breast-feeding.

How to know if your child is taking enough milk

Symptoms of insufficient milk intake:

  • The child has decreased its weight by more than 10 percent, with respect to the weight with which he was born in its first 5 days.
  • It is very strange that the mother hears swallowing.
  • Do not feel your breasts more soft once you are breastfeeding.
  • The small is restless or half-drowsy, for most of the time.
  • The child has holes in the cheeks or makes sounds clucking, when nursing.
  • No dirty more than 6 diapers in 24 hours, then on the fifth day of born.
  • The child not defecating or even once daily, or your stool is small in size and dark, since the expiry of the fifth day of birth.
  • If the mother notices any of these symptoms, then it is very advisable that you talk with the pediatrician.
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