Bebé-cómo organizar el bautizo del bebé

Celebrate a christening is something very significant for many families, regarded as an act of faith and tradition that cannot be missed or a detail. We'll tell you how to organize the christening of the baby for a moment, unique, perfect and special.

  • Choose the right moment, some parents prefer to wait until the children grow up and their children take the decision to be baptized or not, however, the christian tradition indicates that you should receive the waters of baptism being infants. The date that you choose will depend on the time you have your child, because if it does, in winter it is logical that they prefer to wait to make it less cold, on the other hand, the spring months are the best for this kind of celebrations because it's not too hot and the babies tolerate well, a day that is too long for them.
  • The church, contact with sufficient notice to the Parish where you want to celebrate your baptism so that you get the date you want, plus this will allow you to get organized with the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and guests.
  • Godparents, he chooses people close to you, someone with whom you maintain a close relationship, cordial and know that we will keep with the years, so it is suggested that godparents are family members.
  • Set a budget, stick to your current situation and once set, the budget seeks to enforce it to the maximum so that not to finish the day with a black hole in your pocket, remember that the celebration of an act so spiritual it must be a story positive count.
  • Invitations, can be by conventional or electronic mail, that yes, no forget to write down the place, date and time of the meeting, phone and e-mail where the guests can confirm their attendance.
  • A souvenir for the guests, a keychain, a magnet, a brand pages, among other things; the supply of details to deliver to family and friends is endless, especially if you turn to the Internet.
  • Make sure your child rests before the christening, so that it is with good humor during the ceremony and do not panic when the priest spilled the water on his head, it is also advisable to have in mind the hours of their meals in order to not cry from hunger during the ceremony, on how to organize the christening of the baby must also take into account that the main protagonist is him and to enjoy the blessing of receiving the baptism.
  • Try not to stress your baby, with so many people and strange situation for him, you may feel distressed, do not push him, distráelo, plays, and if it is not to be with different people do not have arms in your arms as it can be a stressful situation for your baby.

Once the longed-for day, enjoys the ritual with faith and joy so that you can retain a memory of peace and love of such an important and special event for your family, and the nearby. Now that you have the key on how to arrange the christening of the baby don't stay with the information, share it with family and friends so they can also have a celebration of your dreams.

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