¿Cuál es el uso correcto de las píldoras anticonceptivas?

Birth control pills are a medication that contains between your tablets diverse number of hormones and is typically used to prevent a pregnancy, but are also prescribed in women who have a hormonal imbalance. “The pill” is one of the contraceptive methods, traditional as effectively as if given to the correct use regardless of its composition or dose of hormones, there are in the market a large variety of tablets that are tailored to you according to the directions and supervision of your gynecologist.

Many times we see the taking of the contraceptive pill as a single tablet every day, however, this method goes beyond eating it daily, for this reason we want to give you all the necessary information on when to start taking it, how many types there are and what to do if you forget to take one or if you missed the hour.

Combined pill (PC): these are the most common, consist of two hormones (estrogen and progestin) and are available in blister packs of 21 or 28 days. As long as you take one pill per day you are protected, it does not matter if you skip the time, although it is advisable to create a habit and to avoid you forget it.

Packets of 21 days: you should take a pill for 21 days (3 weeks) and stop for 7 days or what is the same, during the fourth week which is when you should present the menstrual period. These tablets unlike the packs of 28 pills do not bring pills reminder (without hormones), so it is important to take the 21 pills prior to your period. Completed this cycle, you should immediately start the new blister pack or package.

A package of 28 days (“reminder” or “placebo”): you will see a box with 28 tablets, respectively, the hormone pills are generally 21, and seven pills with no hormones that are taken during the menstrual period (these contain no hormones, but if they bring iron and other add-ons) and vary with respect to the brand. These packs of 28 days are a useful help for those who are confused with the rate of 21 pills, because at the end of a blister immediately should start the other, without ceasing to take the pill EVERY DAY!

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Packages of 91 days: pills are combined with hormones for 12 consecutive weeks, followed by one week of inactive pills “placebo”, which will make your menstrual period is presented once every three months. Due to the high rate of hormone, you are preventing a pregnancy even when you're in the week of pills reminder.

Mini-pill: contains only progestin and must be taken around the same 3 hours every day to avoid pregnancies. With them you can have side effects such as absence of the menstrual period, or bleeding throughout the month (mild spotting).

Did you forget the pill?

When you forget any of the tablets of the week, you should tomartelo immediately when you remember of the contraceptive, although for the moment you'll have to take two at the same time; the ideal is to eat it every day at the same time for greater efficiency, but if you forget, it's not the end of the world quiet!, we recommend you to use condoms (condoms) for 7 days to prevent pregnancy.

When do you start taking the contraceptive pill?

Combined pills. Recommended by gynecologists that we must start with the cycle on the first day of the menstrual period (when it is the first time), however, have an approximate 5 days from that start the period until the end to take the tablet, doing it this way protects you from an unwanted pregnancy.

Mini-pills. You can start using it at any time, but the pill takes effect after 48 hours, so you'll have to wait a bit or use condoms if you have sex during that small period of time.

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