tos convulsiva en los niños ¿cómo enfrentarla y tratarla a tiempo?

Whooping cough in children, it is also known as coqueluche, and is one of the respiratory diseases more complex that primarily affects children during the seasons of autumn and winter. Apnoea, pulmonary involvement, and neurological, and even sudden death are some of the risks that this condition can occur in children under the age of 6 months who have not completed their vaccination plan.

Expert: Pamela Barraza, pediatric Clinic Davila

Whooping cough (pertussis) in children

How to detect and treat it?

With a box that manifests itself initially with the features of a common cold, fever, congestion, decay and can easily confuse. From the second week is aggravated by excess coughing, which may produce cyanosis, in addition to the colour of the skin slightly bluish by the lack of oxygenation, and vomiting are present and may extend for several weeks if not detected in time.

Dr. Pamela Barraza, pediatrician Clinic, Davila, emphasizes that “at the age of 2 months, the cough may be replaced by sleep apnea, which is the stopping of breathing for more than double the duration of a respiratory cycle”.

As a first measure of prevention against the whooping cough in children, the specialist explains that the vaccination is essential. “There are two kinds of vaccines, the whole cell, as indicated by the Ministry of Health and performed at 2, 4, 6, and 18 months, and the acellular vaccine, which presents fewer adverse reactions in children”. In this sense, given the ease of spread by airways, have been adding to the campaigns of prevention of current vaccination to the family group of newborns and health care personnel working with children.

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The subsequent treatment will depend on the age of the patient, explains Dr. Barraza “in children older than one year are shown antibiotics, however, for infants the most appropriate treatment in addition is the use of antibiotics and many times it is necessary to seek hospitalization to observe and give oxygen if necessary.”

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