Es posible quedar embarazada luego de una ligadura de trompas de Falopio

Some women have opted for the ligation of fallopian Tubes as a contraceptive method permanent, in many cases because they are pleased with the children that they have, and in others for medical reasons; however, in another moment of his life, these women wonder if there is the possibility of re-procreate.

The ligation is a surgical procedure, this method of sterilization of the woman is based on the obstruction of a blood vessel or the constriction of the tubes by means of paths, in general, is performed ligand and by cutting the duct, this prevents the union of sperm with the egg; in other cases, the specialists tied the tubes by using a band, which is going to choke completely in order to estrangularlas definitely.

Doctora,paciente- Endometriosis

Many obstetrician-gynecologists are positive in regards to dissolve this bond, the experts have tested cases in which it has been possible to reverse the surgery and the restructuring of the fallopian Tubes, making pregnancy again.

The Colombian Magazine of Obstetrics and Gynecology, in the year 2005, he published an article where it specifies the reasons why some mothers want to take back the surgery, leaving as the main reasons:

  • A new loving relationship.
  • The desire to enlarge the family again.
  • Have more kids because the first kids grew up and left home.
  • The death of a child.
  • Maternal instinct.
  • Religious reasons.

And is that a lot of mothers are their family still being very young so when the children grow up and they will feel lonely and is born the desire to go back to having small children in the house. On the other hand, when the decision was made to bind the fallopian Tubes prematurely, with the passing of time, many women practitioners of some religions want to reverse the surgical process because their religious beliefs do not allow for the assisted fertilization.

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It is medically proven that up to 8 out of every 10 women with tubal ligation who opt for the recanalization of fallopian become pregnant successfully, but for this, the couple must meet certain medical conditions:

  • The age of the couple, mainly the woman: when we pass the age of 35 the odds of having children is declining for biological reasons. The woman must be some prior analysis to determine if their fertility levels are optimum, otherwise, it suggests an assisted fertilization.
  • Extension ligation: to recanalization is important to verify that the ligation did not lead to damage in the fallopian tubes.
  • Conditions of man: it must determine whether the sperm are able to fertilize. Let us remember that the fertility levels diminish with the passage of time both in men as in women.

In the same way, to untie the fallopian Tubes, the majority of specialists recommend microsurgery, due to that with a laparoscopy, the results usually do not have the same degree of effectiveness.

Surgical intervention:

  • The procedure takes about an hour, so that the mom should remain in the surgery room for about two hours.
  • Must be 24 hours under observation post surgery.
  • The rest should be absolute for two weeks, you can later start your sexual activity as normal.

Complications during surgery of ligation of fallopian Tubes:

  • Anesthesia.
  • Bleeding.
  • Infections.
  • Injury to other organs.

The chances of complications during the surgery are minimal, the success of dissolve the ligation of the fallopian Tubes is measured during the first year after the reversal, if at this time there is still no hope of a positive, it is best to opt for in vitro fertilization.

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