etapas del trabajo de parto

Among the stages of labor we find the first phase that is precisely perceive the pain, contractions and the urge to bear down involuntarily, in addition to the detachment of the mucus plug, which explains that it is time.

The passage of the baby through the birth canal requires approximately one hour and during that period of time will probably the woman feel carried away by an impulse to be fundamental, powerful and instinctive to make forces and to want to expel the baby from the uterus. However, epidural analgesia in the majority of cases to lessen this effect.

Stages of labor

To push or bear down:

While each contraction is intensified to reach its peak you will experience desires to make strength so that the baby come out. This thrust does not depend on your decision, but your knee-jerk reaction that you can not resist.

The coronation:

Among the stages of labor there comes a time when the baby's head no longer recedes towards the interior of your body between each contraction, but remains visibly in the output vaginal. This time is referred to as a coronation. You will experience pain and burning when the baby's head to stretch to the maximum the vaginal tissues, at that time, so the best is to stop pushing so the perineum will have the opportunity to stretch.

You must take into account that if you keep pushing it will force the perineal area and will be more likely to suffer from a tear and need an episiotomy. The best method for controlling this desire is breathing choppy.

When it pokes the baby's head

When you exit the head of the baby right away it will turn toward one side and it is likely that in that instant the contractions subside for a moment, the attendants feel the baby's neck to make sure that you are not surrounded by the umbilical cord and be the case the will pass over the baby's head, forming a ring so that you can spend the rest of the body.

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With a couple of crunches shoulders almost imperceptible the baby's shoulders will come out through the birth canal and the whole body of the baby will slide out where you will be greeted by the doctors.

The birth:

When the baby comes out of the vagina along with the a large amount of amniotic fluid, so it will be slippery, plus you may already take a breath and with it starts the crying.

The first touch

If all goes as is because you will be given a few minutes to your baby so that you can have it between your arms and you may immediately begin to suck.

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