Octubre, mes de la sensibilización contra el cáncer de mama

The World Health Organization declared October as the month for awareness against breast cancer and her goal is to bring awareness to the community about this disease, in addition to raising money for the study and research on this type of cancer that affects annually to more than 1.38 million women around the world.

The Awareness of the National Breast Cancer (NBCAM) was founded in 1985 by the company's drug-AstraZeneca, which is responsible for manufacturing the drugs Arimidex and Tamoxifen (used for this type of Cancer), however, is held in October the month of awareness against breast cancer, because during this month the year 1983 was held in Dallas the first race for the cure of this disease, this time was attended by 800 people, currently running over a million.

October is painted pink

There are thousands of cases of brave women who have fought or are fighting against breast cancer, and although the numbers of deaths are still considerable (458 thousand deaths per year) these organizations promote early detection, which would help the application of the treatment time and thus save lives.

The work of these institutions, it is heroic. When the majority of the deaths occur in low-resource countries, the Organization for World Health is proposing a comprehensive plan of struggle to get to these places where poverty and lack of health services have prevented to carry in a 100% information about the importance of early detection of this disease.

Prevent breast cancer

Despite the scientific and technological advances, are still unknown the causes of breast Cancer, that's why the WHO and the NBCAM with special emphasis on discover to time the disease or prevent it. What should you do?

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Quiz, do it yourself: perform a self-examination of touch once per month, if you notice changes in your body, any small tiny bump or anomaly, don't be afraid to go immediately to the doctor, getting breast cancer you will be able to get under treatment, and not to be one then you can prevent it.

Annual analysis: after 40 years, doctors recommend that women perform a mammogram to keep the health under observation.

Healthy diet: a good diet will allow your defenses will be remain high, and help prevent diseases. We should eat fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water or liquid, limit the consumption of fat and avoid at all costs alcohol and cigarette.

Take care of our weight: it is proven that overweight women are more prone to Cancer of the breast and cervix, we avoid the excesses, we perform exercises and maintain a healthy life.

Between all we can to prevent breast Cancer, help and support, raises public awareness, sensibilízate, together we can do it. Take care of yourself, love your body and protects your health and the health of your relatives, we don't want to be a negative number, we can make a difference Join the month-pink!

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