Cómo quedar embarazada rápido

Currently with the advances of technology and the mindset of postmodern many women prefer to plan their pregnancies so that the dream of being a mom to perform in the best time of their lives. Below we give you six tips on how to get pregnant fast at the right time that you so choose.

  1. Identify your fertile period

    In each menstrual cycle there are certain days in a row in which you can get pregnant, these are your fertile days. During this period the woman releases an egg from your ovary to be fertilized by the sperm, stage scientifically known as ovulation. To conceive your desired pregnancy you have to identify this period with your partner. In the event that present an irregular menstrual cycle, you should consult with your doctor and the plan of how to do this.

  2. Hands to the work

    Six or three days before and during your fertile period, you have to put hands to the work and begin to have sexual relations with your partner, because sperm remain in your body for between five or six days waiting for your body to release an egg for fecundarlo. But be careful, you should not miss much time, because if your partner does not ejaculate in the days leading up to the fertilization can build up dead sperm that is characterized by not reaching the egg.

    If your menstrual cycle is irregular, you can go have intimate relations with your partner every other day, so every day there will be sperm in your uterus waiting for an egg.

  3. Lie

    A study conducted by researchers in Amsterdam found that women artificially inseminated that is positioned horizontally for 15 minutes after the process, are 50% more likely to become pregnant than those raised immediately.

    It is true that artificial insemination is not the same as having sex, but these researchers advise to stay in the same place of the event, so as not to affect the mission of the sperm inside you.

  4. Relax and enjoy

    Many times the pressure that you exert for getting pregnant leads to stress, this hampers directly the action of the hypothalamus, the gland in the brain in charge of regulating the activity of hormones involved in ovulation, causing a process late or by canceling it. In this way, we advise you to relax and enjoy your sexual activity, instead of thinking all the time that you need to get pregnant.

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    In addition, we remind you that any sexual position is most suitable for having babies, you can make the one you like most!

  5. Proper development of the sperm

    Planning a pregnancy or how to get pregnant fast lies not only in your body, it is also important that your bearings your partner for you to develop a healthy sperm and deposit. For example, there is research that determined that drinking daily decreases testosterone and increases the formation of abnormal sperm. While the tobacco directly affects the quality and quantity of these. It should be noted that the testes achieve greater efficiency between 34.4 and 35.5 ºC, that is why you should avoid high temperatures in showers, jacuzzi and saunas.

    Good eating habits also help to consume key nutrients such as: folic acid, calcium, vitamins C and D, and zinc.

    It is necessary that your partner should adopt these tips as soon as possible if you are planning a pregnancy effective, since sperm takes three months to develop properly.

  6. Train your body

    As well as your partner must prepare your sperm you need to prepare your body for the arrival of a new being, that is why we advise you to book in advance a time with your doctor or midwife for you to perform a control of preconceptions, so you'll be able to deal with time any of the disease or a metabolic disorder assuming greater responsibility and effectiveness of your pregnancy.

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    Also you should try to stop smoking, alcohol and drug use (eating), as these are detrimental to your fertility and therefore your chances of pregnancy.

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How to get pregnant fast

It may not be that the question that we must ask, rather, if you want to get pregnant at the time planned, the question should be how to do it safely? By following these tips six out of every ten couples get the expected results during the first three months. In case you do not conceive and you are over 40 years old, you must go to a specialist immediately. The same is not true with women between 35 and 40 years who, after six months of attempt, you should ask help to an expert because fertility also depends on the age, as our body goes through different stages according to our years.

For those women under 35 years of age who have not managed to conceive within the stipulated time, they must continue trying for a year. However, if there is a history of infertility among the future parents, don't let spend more time and visit a doctor.

So Much Success!

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