┬┐Sabias que se puede hacer plasma durante el embarazo?

The platelet-rich plasma is commonly used in aesthetic medicine and traditional, so much so that at the present it has designed a procedure that prevents stretch marks, cellulite and sagging during pregnancy can wonderful not? This method has been created by the Medical Institute Laser and the respect they comment that: “the autologous growth factors and drainage, mechanical soft, respectful and manage to stop the inconvenience that pregnancy produces in the skin”, that is to say, the separation of fluids in the blood causes the release of growth factors from platelets.


  • Boosts the production of collagen.
  • Stimulates the development of elastin and fibroblasts of the skin.
  • Repairs the damaged tissue.
  • Softens or eliminates scar stretch marks white and red.

Why are stretch marks during pregnancy?

It turns out that the levels of the hormone relaxin progressively increase during pregnancy causing the ligaments of the body are more elastic with the purpose of preparing our body for the time of delivery, in addition this hormone prevents production of collagen, which brings as a consequence the appearance of stretch marks. Similarly, the estrogens, progesterone and chorionic gonadotropin are also present in larger amount during pregnancy, this implies that you will suffer fluid retention, which accentuates the stretch marks, but thanks to the platelet rich plasma, advances in technology and medicine, this annoying condition can disappear.

Resultado de imagen para embarazadas con estrias

Platelet-rich Plasma prevents white streaks in pregnant women:

How do you obtain the factors of growth?

  • Blood is taken from the patient.
  • Subsequently, it is placed in a sample tube and a centrifugal at the same time, in a time of about 8 to 14 minutes.
  • The glass tube used should be noted as a liquid portion in the upper part with a yellowish hue, and in the bottom we will see another fraction, but is to be coagulated blood.
  • Here you get the separation between the growth factors and platelets. The color portion in yellow is the one that contains the highest concentration of growth factors and the portion which is close to the coagulated blood is poor in platelets.

In this way, the portion with a high percentage of growth factors is placed in areas of greatest risk (the dermis):

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  • Lower Abdomen.
  • Mons pubis (the pad of fatty tissue that's soft that covers the pelvic bone).
  • Area supraumbilical media.
  • Sides.
  • Upper portion of the buttocks.

And the rest, the portion of platelet-poor-is placed at the level of the hypodermis, with the purpose of strengthening the septum, a fibrous and prevent cellulite. In pregnant women, the treatment can be applied once a month from the 2 trimester of gestation and up until the eighth month of pregnancy, does not cause any problem since it is a natural treatment non-invasive way to improve the texture of the skin, helps the production of collagen and controls the elasticity of the ligaments of the bodies, thus helping to reduce and/or eliminate stretch marks red and white.

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