desarrollo del cerebro del bebé

The consumption of certain foods has been shown to positively influence the learning ability and memory of the pregnant woman, and others that can hinder the brain development of the baby. It is for this that we'll know what to eat and what to avoid during the period of gestation.

For the baby's brain development is necessary:

  • Increase the intake of vitamins:

Increase the intake of vitamins is of utmost importance as it helps the woman to be formed, for example, the consumption of vitamin C will help to generate collagen, vitamin D for the formation of bones, folic acid to produce red blood cells, and zinc for brain development.

Take supplements, it causes stomach discomfort to most pregnant women and if this is your case you should not stop eating, combine them with your nutritional diet, but if he continues the displeasure it is best to consult new alternatives with your doctor.

  • Importance of fruits and vegetables:

The antioxidant-containing fruits and vegetables are beneficial for the brain development of the baby, since they protect the tissues. Remember that it is important to wash them thoroughly to eliminate germs.

  • Benefits of Omega-3 for baby's brain development:

Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids and consume them during pregnancy will increase the intellectual capacity of your child. A study conducted by Harvard Medical School revealed that the higher the amount of fish eaten during the second quarter, the higher the mental development of babies. The omega-3 is located in the membranes of brain cells by that influence the function performed by the brain. In the case that you don't like the fish you are able to talk with your doctor about eating a fish oil supplement.

Be careful with the mercury!
It is true that fish is rich in nutrients and will help the baby's brain development and their intellectual capacity, but you must keep in mind that the mercury contamination in some fish may be harmful. There are several options of fish with low mercury content, these include: anchovies, salmon, tuna, sardines, and white fish.

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  • Proteins:

The consumption of protein is important for the construction of hormones and renewal of the cells of the baby, in the course of the pregnancy you'll use over 925 grams of protein. From the first few weeks your body will adapt to maintain the level and reserve the amount that the pregnant woman needs. As the baby grows, the amount of protein is on the rise: during the first quarter to 0.7 g/day, in the second 3g/day, and during the third 6 g/day.

Caution with intake of meats and raw eggs:

Toxoplasmosis is an infectious disease caused by a parasite called Toxoplasma Gondii and is found in eggs and meat raw, the symptoms it produces are similar to a state of flu and brings irreversible consequences on the baby. Including deafness, blindness and mental retardation.

To prevent this disease it is necessary that the meat and eggs are well cooked, omit any food with raw eggs, wash your hands, knives and cutting boards with hot water and soap before and after preparing food.

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