Preparación para el parto ¿de qué se trata la educación maternal?

If you're in state and you think of preparation for childbirth, you should analyze the possibility of enrolling in the courses education maternal or classes of preparation that are particularly relevant to pregnant women, new moms in many cases, although parents can also attend and be part of these workshops, which are led by a nurse or midwife from childbirth. In the classes it is to give information about pregnancy, childbirth, the newborn and breastfeeding. Are classes provided by midwives in the health centers and are at the last stage of pregnancy.

Preparation for childbirth

What are the courses of preparation?

Near the 28th week of pregnancy, the woman attends to the health center to receive classes in preparation for childbirth. The midwife spends part of the time to explain the various aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and care of the newborn. In addition resolves the doubts of the moms and dads. These classes are a preparation fundamental to motherhood, and addressed some issues such as:

The third trimester of pregnancy: changes and state of the mom

  • Preparation for childbirth: stages and phases of delivery.
  • Postpartum: care in the quarantine.
  • The newborn: it gives information about the baby newborn health and care.
  • Breast-feeding: it is taught to put the baby to take the breast or complications. In addition he instructs the father on how you can help during this process.

The preparation classes are useful even if a cesarean section is performed. The time of each class is approximately 2 hours and are during the week (this will depend on the nurse or midwife). Have time to go to these courses will make you more prepared for motherhood, especially if you are a first time mother. You can also clarify your doubts by consulting with other pregnant women or with a professional.

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