reposo absoluto durante el embarazo ¿qué pasa cuando tienes más niños en casa?

Many mothers have complications and need to keep absolute rest during pregnancy for medical indications, which can cause emotional turmoil for family members, in particular the small children who still don't understand the delicate condition of the mother by the speedy arrival of a little brother.

Expert: Monserrat Sepulveda, educational psychologist Network Health at UC.

It is necessary to maintain a positive attitude about the sabbath so that children do not confuse pregnancy with being sick, with a lot of love and patience to communicate to the kids of the house that we should be calm and happy for the new baby to be born healthy and come soon.

As mothers we have to transmit security and confidence to our children, make them partakers of what is happening to them, play with them, attend to them in a certain way and to entertain them to not be troubled and do or come in boxes of stress to the situation and to take negative attitudes toward the unborn baby. Strengthen the bond between brothers from the first moment, so your little one will feel the duty, the right and the love of the child when he is born.

Absolute bed rest during pregnancy what to do if you have children at home?

  • The children are like “marshmallows” queabsorben all, to make them partakers of the problems would keep them in a bad mood, on the other hand if you see a mom relaxed and happy will be able to continue without difficulties to the routines of the day.
  • Talk to the children in a simple language and make them understand that they can play together and do fun things but with less effort “so that the baby brother to grow up well”, will make them understand that mommy is still there for them and will prevent you from feeling displaced.
  • It is necessary for the mother to feel the support of another person (the dad or some other family member) with the purpose to distract the children that spend all of their energies; in this way we descend to their levels of concern and anxiety.
  • But the most important thing is to avoid breaking your daily routine, time to get up, the things that you must perform during the day (games, tasks, readings, meals, watch TV, be on the computer, among others).
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The absolute bed rest during pregnancy means that mom spend more time lying down and this leads to play in the bedroom ¡SUPER! it distracts the small reading books, inventing tales and funny stories, work on puzzles or puzzle, to improvise a picnic inside the room, and if it is a beautiful little girl, then play at tea-time.

Our children are happy being close to mom, but for the rest we can avoid absorb all the necessary time for rest and prenatal, by the help of the grandparents and the dad allows you to compartmentalize functions and decrease the apathy of the children while the woman manages to sleep for a while.

When medical conditions forced us to spend the last months of pregnancy in bed or on some occasions throughout the gestational period at rest, it is appropriate to take it with peace of mind, relaxed and get the most out of your time with your children and family, and the months will pass faster, in addition to a mom focused on the well-being of your baby and enjoy the company of your other children, take better the expected at rest.

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