como saber si mi bebe me quiere

Having a child is wonderful, from the moment that we carry in our belly what we love naturally, is that instinct which makes us worship life that we decided to bring into being, a being as unique and perfect as they are our babies, but, have you ever wondered how to know if your baby loves you? Sometimes without realizing they also show us his unconditional love since they are in our tummy.

How to know that the baby loves you

Small kick:

When the baby is in the uterus normally speak to him and we began to encourage them with our voice, and as they are developing their senses, when we hear or feel, give a slight kick of love or it will move side to side to let us know she hears us and loves us already.

The newborn seeks to look at you:

The baby, from birth, we “look” straight in the eyes, because they try to memorize the shape of mom. Surely they know nothing about the outside world, but recognize your voice and know that they are safe.

Relaxed in the arms of mom:

You will notice your baby pleased and happy while in your arms, of there is born the instinct of a mom to want to protect him all the time and strengthen the bond of love and trust mother and son.

You will like imitating you:

From 3 months the baby will observe the face of the mom and your expressions so that you'll realize that it will soon begin imitating you, this shows love and learning.

The baby misses you:

After 8 months, the baby enters the stage of the fear of separation, so surely will cry when mom or dad is away from him, starts looking around the room, and when mom returns, he will smile.

Temper tantrums:

After the 12th month the baby will begin to have temper tantrums, this does not mean that it ceased to love you, on the contrary, know that even showing hurt what you're going to love the same way. It is time to begin to create standards.

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Runs towards you:

When you go to reach, or falls, or is just sad, the baby will run to you to embrace him, this begins to occur from the month 12.

Want to see you:

From the second year, when mom is not at home, the baby appears anxious, that attitude changes when you return home, you kisses, hugs you and bites. This is also a way to demonstrate your love.

Preschool Age:

Made flowers, hearts and crafts, with their little fingers gives you with a lot of love. In things and activities you want to your approval.


You became his confidant, tells you things and makes you a part of their problems.

Every baby is different and every care and upbringing is different, but they always have a way involuntary and spontaneous to provide love to their parents and family, as she grows older and understands the outside world will also begin to feel affection for other people such as friends, teachers and relatives.

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