merienda saludable para jardin de infantes

When children start a new school year, many parents wonder what to do for food for the mid-morning that is delicious and nutritious.

For their children to develop healthy and strong, they have to give due value to every meal of the day, this is why it is important to incorporate in these the appropriate foods, trying to carry a balanced diet.

  • What is correct is that the parents prepare and plan a menu with its children, this way there will be no mistakes with the choice of the snack.
  • Wrap the snack is so fun and delightful will be that the children will have a rewarding experience.
  • It is better to offer a light meal, comfortable, and easy to digest.
  • Foods that spoil, to stay home.
  • The amount of what you will eat goes according to the age and needs of each child.

When choosing

Fruits and vegetables are the best option for your child to bring to school a snack that he likes, and so keep happy and satisfied. They are healthy and you can variarlas so that your children will not be bored, for example, with a fruit salad.

The most convenient thing is that you choose fresh foods, free of additives, preservatives or sugars.

Nuts and whole grain products you can find in the market, where you'll find everything from bread to crackers with chocolate. The nuts alone, will be an excellent choice as a snack for your children, however, you can combine them with yogurt, cereals or chocolate chips.

A good snack for the school, is that they are familiar and appetizing, as the home-made desserts; the rice pudding, a custard; oatmeal cookies, " (popcorn) or smoothies and popsicles, they are tasty and made with love, you just have to be aware that the preparation, that is, without artificial ingredients.

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The main beverage with which to accompany the snack, it is the water, although you can toggled by with fruit juice or water with gas. Milk is another drink that can bring your little ones to school, always and does not suffer from lactose intolerance.

Remember that it's always the dads should lead by example, because they may accustom their children at home, to eat the food they want for snack to school.

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