cómo realizar el autoexamen de mamas

The breasts develop in girls who are entering puberty and begin to grow before their first menstrual period, it is during this phase when girls go through various changes, including the growth and mammary development, in the same way, during the menses become tender and soft. We'll tell you how to perform breast self-examination.

These are normal changes during pre-adolescence, so if you make a habit out of our girls to be examined breasts from small subsequently it will be easier to determine any abnormality in their breasts.

The specialists we always recommend autoexaminarnos, no one better than us knows our body and be familiar with it we will recognize immediately when something is not right, for this reason, the breast self-exam not only can help us to detect cysts or other conditions benign breast, in addition we would recognize breast cancer early, allowing early treatment and medical supervision; it is essential that we educate our daughters so that they are able to know your body and touched without any discomfort.

How to perform breast self-examination

  • The ideal time to perform the test is a week after you start your menstrual period.
  • It has two phases: how are the breasts and how they feel.
  • Before you wear the bra (brassieres), we recommend to stand or sit in front of a mirror with your arms loose to the sides and begins to observe the appearance of your breasts (dimpling, skin changes, scaling, change of appearance, or simply everything is normal).
  • Subsequently, look at the breasts from several angles, the hands should be kept to the sides but changing the positions, example: raise your arms above your head, then place it fixed in the hips (to collapse the chest wall muscles) and lean forward, now begins to look for some change in the skin.
  • After that comes the feel of the breast, and although at the beginning it will be uncomfortable to touch, you habituarás.
  • Lie on your back with a pillow or towel under one shoulder and put that arm under your head. The pillow will go under the shoulder where the breast examine (right or left).
  • With the tip of your fingers perform circular movements, mild and short, the size of a small coin. It begins under the armpit to the middle of the chest.
  • Begins softly and then tap progressively to detect the presence or absence of abnormalities.

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So if you feel any small tiny bump, pain, or change in the appearance of your breasts, go and see your doctor, don't be afraid, find it early you can prevent or treat the breast cancer. I hold!

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