puede llevar mi hijo juguetes a la escuela

Sometimes there are children who feel very united with one of his toys, when others of his peers do not care to bring their dolls to the children's garden or even at times, exchange it for a new one, some moms we asked ourselves: what Will be okay my child to bring their favorite toy to school, or my daughter has to leave her doll at home?

When the child takes his toy to school daily, the dads are usually those that facilitate them to feel safe, as for example to the hour of going to sleep; but this can prove counter-productive in some cases, be a cause of insecurity for the child and even for parents.

There are methods to get the child to feel confident, whether or not the toy with you:

  1. Prevents start the attachment for this toy, with which you will be able to prevent that is to establish this practice.
  2. Approves take several toys with which to have fun, so that when you go to the college bring and this will make it easier to leave them when going to their classroom.
  3. Apply rules and ask that you leave your favorite toy in the crib or bed, explain to her that her doll can't get out of the house with you.
  4. Limited sites and the hours in which your little one can wear or use the toy.
  5. If the toy has several parts, break it up and, if possible, bring each time a smallest part of it.
  6. Fixed a day to simply stop using it, until you're of a specific occasion, as in the case of the beginning of the summer, or your birthday. You can also mention it as a great event and tell all your family and friends how your child has been shown to be an older child without his toy to all parties.
  7. In every opportunity that presents flatters your independence.

Without losing sight of each one of the things that you can do for your little one to get rid of the habit of carrying a toy to the kindergarten, discuss it with your teacher to support you from your position as an adult and the ultimate authority for your child in that school environment.

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