Cómo decirle a mi hijo que es adoptado

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Many couples who cannot have children decide to adopt one, though this is not an easy decision, there are several people who believe that it is best not to tell the child who their biological parents are, this because they do not want the child to suffer, but it should be clear that in the long run is to tell the truth small, it is the best decision; you know the way to dialogue with your child without you feeling hurt or cheated.

How do I tell my child that he is adopted?

  • It is advised to tell the child the truth, since it is small, telling him about what happened with his biological parents, so that he knows why you're in that new family.
  • Age-wise to speak to the child of the truth is to six years of age, some experts claim that the six years a small you can understand what that means adoption.
  • But you might ask, why six years? the answer is simple, because at this age children begin to compare with their parents and therefore, you may notice that is different to them.
  • We know that speaking the subject of the adoption with the child is very difficult, but at the same time it is very important, as this sooner or later will know, and if the son finds out, only, feel a certain rejection of the family because you don't understand why you are hiding it is adopted.
  • The age at which most affected you will see a person with this news is in the stage of adolescence.

The majority of couples who decide to adopt a child agree that the love for him has to it, is equal to the to a biological. And is that the way you treat the adopted son is similar in that it is one that is not, that is to say, the only difference is that you do not have the same blood as their parents.


  • It is essential that the child feel fortunate to be in that family, we provide you with a lot of love and that he is comfortable in it, especially if there is another child in the home.
  • The couple should avoid the fears and try not to damage the image of the child's biological parents, because at any minute he might want to know.

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