Cómo quedar embarazada rápido

If you think that it is time to bring a new and tiny member to your family, here are some recommendations for planning your pregnancy.

Have a good state of health

Visit your gynecologist for you to do a check-up prior and check your physical state, so if necessary, I will prescribe folic acid or a vitamin complex.

Say NO to bad habits

If you smoke or drink alcohol, it is advisable to leave at once. The tobacco harms the fertility considerably, and it is proven that it affects the weight of the baby. In addition, if you want a healthy baby, it is advisable not take any alcoholic beverages for at least six months before planning pregnancy.

If you are using a contraceptive method, more than likely your gynecologist will recommend that you stop using them and wait for two months, before you start looking to get pregnant.

Pending of your weight

Have some extra pounds, losing weight will be a very good idea; it is favourable for you especially during pregnancy, and you will see that you will feel much better. You must still check with your doctor, because depending on your complexion and physical state, you will explain what steps to follow.

Having sex

It is not mandatory that they have sex only on the fertile days; enjoy this stage so that it is not obsesionen with the arrival of the baby, otherwise the stress it causes could affect his relationship with his partner.

The money

Babies and the things that require cost a lot of money, then they should consider not only the expenses that come with the coming of the baby, but also that they will have from the moment you get pregnant. It is advisable that you make a budget, start saving and be cautious when buying.

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It is paramount that you partner and you know that you should be fully involved with the planning of the pregnancy, as they have the same responsibility from the moment that they decide to have a baby.

  • To plan your pregnancy-you must know what it represents to bring a baby into your life.
  • It is valuable to make decisions with your partner.
  • Women who plan their pregnancy are more likely to improve their health before becoming pregnant, and also achieved a prenatal care that they can't get the women who don't plan to.
  • Take your time to think about how many children you want and when you want to have them. Discuss these things with your partner.

When one is a parent, life is transformed, therefore, the most important thing is communication with your partner; make sure that both are ready for the change in their lives and, if so, waiting for the beautiful moment in which he begins to be written a new story in the pages of their lives.

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