cuidar la herida de una cesárea

After a c-section the days the more uncomfortable they tend to be the first three days post surgery, care away in great measure from those practiced in women who had a natural birth, mainly because like any other surgical procedure, the woman will have a wound that must be cared for to avoid infections or other complications. We will tell you what processes you should consider to take care of the heridad a c-section.

What to take into account after the c-section?

  • Two weeks after the intervention, the mother begins to feel the recovery.
  • It is normal in the first week the mother has vaginal bleeding, but this will change its color as time goes by. You can see in the second week the color will be pink or yellow, which will last about 6 weeks.

The intervention in a hospital

  • One of the moments where you feel even more discomfort after the c-section is when the anesthesia ends, its effects, since we may experience pain.
  • It is usual that after the intervention, the mother is connected to catetes by the serum, medications, and in some cases may be a urinary catheter on the first day.
  • The first thing that should be done when the catheter is removed is to go to the bathroom, although it can be quite annoying. It is recommended to apply heat, especially with warm water as this will encourage to urinate with less pain and faster.
  • The longer you have vacant the bladder, the sooner the uterus returns to its size from usual. Because of this your uterus will bleed for up to 6 weeks after being made the c-section.
  • It is recommended to get up with a lot of care and try to give short rides to facilitate the circulation of the blood and prevent a future thrombosis. It will also encourage the digestion, which is very important because anesthesia can stop the intestinal transit. This should be reported to the matron.
  • It is advised not to strain because that can hurt the scar, when you have your baby to breastfeed for example, it is very useful for the mom to stay in bed on your side and the baby next to her.

What you need to know for a mom to take care of the wound of a caesarean section

  • The points of the wound of the cesarean section are very delicate and need much care as they can be infected by bacteria. Usually, the wound heals in approximately 10 days and for it to be a success it is vital to keep it in optimum clean conditions and avoid future infections.
  • In the same way, you must pay attention if the wound itches, swells or take another color, especially if it begins to hurt. If the mom sees that you have a lot of burning pain when urinating, fever, headaches, pain in the chest, legs swollen and mood, you should go to a doctor immediately.
  • To avoid possible complications it is recommended not to make sudden movements that may affect the wound.
  • Wear 100% cotton so that it is always ventilated and avoid sweat.
  • Remain at rest after the intervention and it is important that in the first two weeks, avoid stairs and any activity that requires effort.
  • For a month and a half not to have sexual intercourse, which could be affected the wound.
  • You should therefore only take showers fast and not tub baths.
  • You should sleep all you can to promote the regeneration of skin and recover the muscles of the abdomen as they are affected after a c-section.

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