el bebé se destapa por las noches

To understand why the baby is desarropa for the nights we have to observe different factors that may influence, probably his thermal sensation is different to ours or that it is too warm, and fatigued. By putting too many clothes to sleep or in the crib, we could cause the baby to wake up during the night and desabrigue or start to cry. But don't worry, we can help!

The baby is uncovered at night what to do?

If your baby has these pains and what notes you are sweating or crying over the discomfort of the temperature or the clothes you do something to calm him down; take the pajamas and put on clothes more slim or a lid up to below the chest.

How do you know that sleeps well?

It's simple, will stop crying and will sleep without uncover, in the case of children between the ages of 1 and 5 years, these strategies can give good results, but in the case of a baby it is best to put a clothes lightly, and cover with a sheet, lightweight, not with a blanket. If it is very cold, you must make sure that the clothes of the cot does not cover the face, it is best to warm a little more to the baby and avoid too many blankets in the crib, this way you will not be able to uncover or desabrigar.

What if the baby sweats a lot?

It is counterproductive to entertain the child and make you sweat, because finally the being wet all night is what can cause a cold. If a child sweats or desabriga is because it has heat, but once you meet the 5 or 6 years left uncover, so if this is your problem, don't be afraid and desabrígalo.

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