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There is no way to predict how long it will take for a couple to conceive a baby after having sex, but if we can describe and analyze when you can have a better chance of getting pregnant, taking into account the different factors that affect the fertility of male and female.

Some women have no problem in becoming pregnant during the first month that you begin to try it, but there are others that have to wait a little longer, even one or two years to be able to conceive, this may be due to some causes or factors that affect the female fertility.

Expert: Daniel Erazo, Gyn Clinic Vespucio

Numerous research claim that on average 20% of couples do not achieve pregnancy during their first year of attempt. However, a 95% conceive within two years of successive tests. These figures and statistics indicate that only 5% of couples will not be able to conceive a baby within the period of two years.

In regard to when is more chances of getting pregnant the gynecologist Daniel Erazo, says that nearly a quarter of all couples who have unprotected sex they manage to conceive a baby during the first month. 60% of couples will achieve conception within 6 months. And after 9 months, these percentages will increase to three-quarters for all couples. Finally, within 18 months, 90% of couples will be expecting a baby.

When you have a greater chance of getting pregnant

Fertile days:

The fertile days of a woman are produced when one of the ovaries releases an egg down the Fallopian Tube to the uterus waiting to be fertilized. The egg lives about 24 hours, while sperm can stay alive inside the body for up to 72 hours, which is why it should be considered as a fertile period between 2 to 3 days before ovulation.

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Once the egg arrives in the uterus, if not fertilized it dies to occur 15 days after the menstruation. The menstrual cycles can be 28 days and the day fertile will be the half of the cycle between days 12 to 16.

The age at conception:

The most appropriate age to conceive according to the specialist of Clinical Vespucio is between 20 and 36 years, as the ovaries get older and has not been able to find a mechanism with which you can count with a preservation ovarian.

The biological clock of women reaches its peak between 20 and 27 years, where the chances of conceiving, if not there are specific problems, they are almost 100%. After 30 fertility comienzaa to decrease until it reaches 35 years, where the chances of pregnancy are reduced by 15% each year. Also in the men, as they grow older it gets worse the quality of your sperm and have more difficulties to fertilize.

Birth control pills:

Birth control pills are considered as one of the most effective methods for preventing pregnancy, but if you stop taking it you'll be able to get pregnant within a few weeks of his suspension.


When a couple is unable to conceive a baby after a year of sex without having used no method of birth control, you are considered sterile. On the other hand, we also talk about infertility in those couples who do not achieve the birth of a child with the ability to live.

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