Cuándo se caen los dientes de leche

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  • When did you begin to get teeth again?
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When a child gets their first tooth it is a time of celebration and excitement for the whole family, the kids get excited about with the situation because they feel great and the parents are thrilled because their child is transitioning from baby to child; dr. Carmen Ravanal, dentist explains when you fall milk teeth.

When does fall milk teeth?

The fall of the first milk tooth is about 6 years, however, the range of ages is very variable it may be from the 4 and a half years to 8 years, is an inherited pattern and is in relation with the development of the child.

Why move the teeth?

This is because the pieces permanent that are under the gums begin to press the teeth until they are released.

Do milk teeth grow in the same space?

Many times it is believed that the permanent tooth will grow in the same place where it was the previous one, which is a mistake because that always grows and comes out behind the old milk tooth and when it falls, is going forward to occupy his place, that is normal.

What are the first teeth that move?

  • The first teeth to fall out are thecentral and lateral lower, then the upper.
  • The tusks and the molars are lost later between 10 and 13 years.

When did you begin to get teeth again?

The ranges of ages for the eruption of tooth are for reference, there is a great variation among the children, and as mentioned earlier it is hereditary; it is usually a delayed eruption of the temporary teeth, is accompanied by a delayed eruption of the permanent teeth.

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  • It is important to remember that the first visit to the dentist is from the year of life and three years the child should visit a dentist on a regular basis.
  • Every six months the pediatric dentist must assess the child and guide the parents in the changes that the child is presenting in the area of dental.
  • From a very small to maintain good oral hygiene in your children.

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