Por qué las madres confunden los nombres de sus hijos

Has passed and it is possible that some time when we try to call one of our sons, we mentioned the name of the other, but why this is so, this dilemma has been part of studies on the reasons why some mothers confuse their children's names and Facemamá you the account.

Psychologists and neuroscientists from the American University Duke University have been focused on to analyze and give answers to why, when we want to call Sebastian ended up naming his brother James, and the first thing that has been ruled out by the specialists is that this problem has to do with the age, nationality or ethnicity; nor does it have to do with the physical resemblance between the children, then what.

Resultado de imagen para por qué confundimos los nombres de nuestros hijos

Why mothers confuse their children's names

The reason comes from an error cognitive that are usually reflected when the names are similar, from the phonetic point of view the names that carry similar letters or begin with the same initial lead to confusion (Martín – Marcos, Maria – Martha, Jorge – Sergio, Sara – Sandra), and not only that, the study also found that mom or dad is confused the name of our children, our pets.

To this we must add that not always has to be phonetic similarity, but by tiredness, stress, speed or by the routine of day-to-day the brain makes us a bad play by confusing the name of the girl with the child, yes, also happens.

In conclusion, the brain relates to the people close to us by groups between children, family, friends, co-workers, to save spaces, so that when we are accelerated and the brain is confused by the rapidity of our thoughts, although we tend to immediately react to the error.

If you ever confundiste to John and Joseph, to Outlets with Frame, or to Mary with Miriam; don't worry, the brain is the culprit of all, he and his mania for organizing the information sometimes plays tricks on us.

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