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With only 14 years Jaymee Starr became pregnant with their first child, this caused her so much fear that he thought about abortion said that it was an accident and that her boyfriend fell out completely of her and her baby, had no economic resources to provide for themselves and much less to a child, in addition to wanted to finish their studies, at that time he believed that his life was over.

After much thought, Jaymee tells his mother, who was pregnant with her sixth child, she expected a reaction totally different to that which obtained, as Tobbi his mother was very understanding and encouraged her to continue with her pregnancy, the same, he explained that he could not abort because she was growing a little human being, with heart, eyes, arms, and legs just like her.

At the expiration of the time Jaymee was encouraged to tell his story and inspire all the teenagers of your country and the world to be responsible, and be the best mothers they can, they do not abandon their studies and follow their dreams, for them and their babies regardless of whether they are alone or accompanied. The young woman gave an interview to the newspaper Daily Mail and said he felt proud of his daughter and of her.

The mother of Jaymee told: “when my daughter told me she was pregnant I was in shock, and more when I was already seven months, but the crime was not the solution, I had to give him my support,” there began the training of Starr and this made that it was closer to his mother. The daughter of Jaymee was called Harleigh and ensures that it was the happiest moment of his entire life and that despite the fact that you missed school the last six weeks of pregnancy felt motivated graduate to give a better future to her daughter.

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After his recovery Jaymee is enrolled in a special program of education offered by the government of the United Kingdom, considered one of the best to ensure that teenage mothers continue their academic training.

On the other hand, his mother Tobbi gave birth to a little boy called Ryleey, who gets along very well with your nephew, “I Never thought that I would be grandmother with 33 years but now I realize that despite everything has been a positive experience for my daughter, has matured, is very responsible with her daughter and has not abandoned their studies”, says his mother.

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