Qué sueñan los bebés

See sleep our babies is one of the pleasures of the most fascinating, the sweetness of their dreams that give us peace and tranquility has no comparison or likeness. But, what are dreams? What dream of babies?

They are a display of manifestations of the mental (images, sounds, thoughts and feelings), this is basically what our brain sees and hears when we don't control it, although usually associated with reality, wishes, desires, or facts that are lived in the day-to-day.

Dreams of the newborn

Newborns need more sleep than an adult, usually sleep 12 to 16 hours a day, even some babies take long naps during the day, while others are more considerate with their parents and sleep placidos all night. Some experts assert that there are two phases in the sleep of the baby and although this is an evolutionary process, we can differentiate both:

Slow dream: we speak of a deep sleep that it is almost difficult to wake up for hunger or noise, in this phase the infant does not have dreams, your brain is in total rest.

Stage REM (rapid eye movement): here the brain is not disconnected, what makes you stay active while your baby sleeps, at this stage yes we dream of, and differs by the quick movement that they have eyelids, that means that our baby is dreaming, as he grows these signals will be added to other effects such as: facial expressions, smiles or babbling.

Dream from the womb

Over time, studies have found that there is phase REM in infants, with seven months of gestation, however, your experience is “essential” is not extensive, so that probably their dreams are based on lights, sounds and recreations sensitive to difference of when they are born to express and dream with their emotions, according to the experiences of the day.

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The director of the Center for Sleep Medicine of the Weill Cornell Hospital in New York, Dr. Charles P. Pollak, indicates that newborns do experience the phase of REM, and it is possible to notice it by the movement continued to of his eyes from side to side or up and down, but is it possible to deduce what they dream of babies?: “we assume that the children dream of childhood things, but we don't really know what”said Dr. Charles P. Pollak.

What is the dream of babies?

Babies only have simple recollections (images, sounds, or any idea, isolated, are not able to recreate full scenes or complex, but until after the second year of life.

Some scientists claim that the newly born dream of their stage of gestation, that is to say, with the womb, as this is the living memory that they have for being what they have experienced for a long time, but can also dream of smells, the taste of the breast milk, the arms of mom or dad, however, the Spanish Association of Psychiatry and the Adolescent, points out that children begin to dream after 18 months of life.


When babies are very small and you'll notice jerky movements when they are asleep, this does not mean you have a bad dream or nightmare, is due to the overlap between the different phases of the sleep of the baby that is generated by the immaturity of the mechanisms of control of the dream. Nightmares in children are listed from 3 year of age.

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