Uso del celular durante la lactancia afecta la relación madre e hijo

It has become a fairly common practice that all sides bring the cell phone in the hands, and although to the naked eye is something normal, what is certain is that the use of mobile phones during breastfeeding brings consequences to the baby while also preventing the connection and eye contact mom-son.

Although we currently use the cell phone is a routine that is frequent, we should avoid it when we are breastfeeding our babies, this is because conversing with others through the smartphone or checking your social networks when you nurse it affects our relationship with the baby.

Cell phone use during lactation affects the relationship of mother and son

Points to Francisca Garcia, midwife Program coordinator for the Breastfeeding Clinic Tabancura that “Without a doubt, affects. The time of feeding an infant must be intimate and is the instance that is perfect for strengthening the attachment in the children. At birth, they can see at a maximum distance of 20 centimeters, a distance that exists between the nipple and the face of the mother. Therefore, we can deduce that for the child it is important to look at the face of his mother while feeding, causing him to safety”

Breaks the physical and visual contact

When amamantamos we release oxytocin also called the“hormone of love”, which is necessary for the ejection reflex of milk, this allows both the baby and the mother to relax during breastfeeding, the baby by the suction of the milk and the mother for the pleasure of feeding your little one and create that special bond, in addition to empty the breasts.

El cell phone use does not allow physical and visual contact which prevents secure attachment. “The clearest example of this occurs at birth: it is shown that the children who perform attachment skin-to-skin with their mothers, continuously the first two hours, they manage more easily the first coupling to the chest within that time, having a higher rate of breastfeeding success in the future”

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Bring microbes

When amamantamos we must play to our babies and to make use of the smartphone during lactation we can convey to the small microbes that have mobile phones, “the cell is full of pathogenic micro-organisms, similar to the amount found in the handrails of the metro, which is easily the mother can be transmitted from her hand to the newly born, especially when he is feeding himself”, said the matron.

It is ideal to take advantage of this time to establish a connection with our child, do it in a quiet place, and without stress, so both the baby and the mom will enjoy this moment.

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