cuándo usar pasta dental en los bebés

The baby begins a process that many times makes you feel uncomfortable and bite everything that is within your reach. Teethe and parents we must be attentive to every change, to create in their children the habit of washing the mouth.

Specialist: Carmen Ravanal, a dentist from the Network of Health UC

When teeth start to erupt babies feel discomfort, so that your mood will change and irritated by everything. Occasionally, there are some cases where the output of the first teeth occurs before birth, what we call natal teeth.

The texture of the food you eat your child is directly related to the presence of the teeth and molars, so that when the child already has teeth up and down, it is advisable to give food a more solid, this will develop the musculature of the face and oral.

Eruption of the first teeth

  • Varies much in time, some children may have the primerdiente temporary or “milk“ at 4 months of age, other at 6 and even 12 months.
  • In some cases appear after the first year.
  • If the child has already turned 18 months and has no teeth, it is important to consult a dentist to find the cause of this delay, which may be associated with any disease.
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Number of teeth children have

  • 2 lower central
  • 2 upper central
  • 2 side lower
  • 2 upper lateral
  • 2 upper canines
  • 2 canines lower
  • 2 first upper molars
  • 2 first lower molars
  • 2 - second upper molars
  • 2 - second lower molar

Oral hygiene child

  • Must be started before the output of the teeth in order to avoid yeast infections by accumulate milk, stimulate the gums and begin to familiarize the child with the habit of brushing.
  • Initially it is done with a cloth moistened in boiled water, 2 to 3 times a day, after the intake of milk. When they leave the first teeth, you should keep the same technique until the output of the molars temporary where we occupy a brush child.
  • The dental hygiene of the child is the responsibility of the parents, since the fact that the child can hold your brush doesn't mean you know what to do with it. We should help you until you learn to write correctly, around 7 years of age, which is variable and depends on the development of dexterity, fine motor every little.

When to use toothpaste in infants With or without fluoride?

  • The incorporation of the toothpaste should be when the child has good control over the gag reflex (which you swallow) and always after the 2 years.
  • In the boys under six years of age use toothpaste with fluoride may cause mild fluorosis.
  • Use tooth paste or cream dentak made from natural ingredients without fluoride.
  • After two years, it is critical to the evaluation of the pediatric dentist who will indicate the brush and the technique of proper hygiene for each child.

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