Hay que colocar cremas después de cambiar el pañal

When we found out that we will be mothers come to our heads long lists of things we need to do, decide, or choose, among them are what type of diapers you will use the baby and what is right for your health, comfort and performance.

For many years, using disposable diapers has become quite practical, however, in recent times , many mothers have chosen to return to the traditional and go back to cloth diapers. Why?

The purpose of nappies is to absorb the waste from the babies because you still are not able to control their sphincters, obviously, that's why moms seek the best options of diapers so that our little ones are entourage for several hours.

What is the best cloth diaper or disposable, What you need to know!

Data is the story that the cloth diapers were originated during the first decades of the TWENTIETH century, however, there is evidence of some ancient cultures (egyptian and roman) used sheets, fabrics or leathers to cover the baby with the same goal that you are now disposable diapers.

Then, in 1949, and finally began to sell the first diapers disposable created by the american Marion Donovan. But it was not until the 60s that ended up improve your idea and sell it to a chemist for the Procter & Gamble company managed to market it and so we know today what are disposable diapers.

Cloth diapers


  • Although cloth diapers are more expensive, you will not have to buy the same amount that you'd have to acquire with the disposable diapers, so that would save money to meet other needs of the baby.
  • You only need 30 or 40 cloth diapers for the time that will be used by the baby.
  • Are eco-friendly, so that you'll find benefits to the environment.
  • They are reusable and last a lot.
  • Some specialists point out that cloth diapers take better care of the skin of the baby.


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  • It requires time and dedication, as to be reusable we must wash them with care so not to damage them, using neutral detergents to protect the skin of the baby. That takes time and energy.
  • Their absorption levels are not as high as disposable.

Disposable diapers


  • It offers the practicality that many moms need.
  • You do not need to be washed or soaked.
  • It is of easy acquisition.
  • Absorb more and more time.


  • Are pollutants due to their content and can cause allergic reactions in babies.
  • You need to use more than 5 thousand diapers.

Parents can choose what is best for our babies, by referring to the opinion of the experts, but it is important to manage this information, analyze it, and study it at the time of choosing for the best product and well-being of the little ones. Know what you offer and what is involved with each option is essential when choosing.

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