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  • How you can strengthen emotional ties if the baby was in intensive care?
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When the babies are too weak or too young to suck, and in need of tube-feeding, or if you are jaundiced and require phototherapy treatment, will take care of him in the unit of child care center special local maternity where you are.

In addition to the cares of specialists, there are things that you can do to help your child:

  • Happens to him all the time that you can.
  • Embrace it, caress, inside and outside of the incubator. The cuddles and caresses, will help you to be improved.
  • Squeeze your milk at regular intervals. We'll be offering the best food possible, and will be increasing its production of milk when you can breastfeed normally.
  • The colostrum and the milk of the mother of a premature baby contain certain nutrients in higher concentration that the colostrum and milk of mothers whose child was born at the end of the pregnancy. This prevents the premature child is deprived of the nutrients that otherwise would have received in the uterus. Premature babies who are fed breast milk develop practically at the same rate as if they had been followed in the mother's womb.
  • Ask the nurses to show you how to feed, wash and change diapers of your baby. So you'll be able to establish ties with him and will end up undertaking your care and trust.
  • Do not fight alone with the anxiety, concern and a feeling of ignorance. Ask for help and information to the medical team.

How you can strengthen emotional ties if the baby was in intensive care?

If your child requires special care, probably thinking about the possibility of establishing emotional ties with him. But not to worry, the staff will encourage you to be present with the baby and its care.

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  • We advise you to observe the work of the nurses and help with the practical care of the food.
  • Do not hesitate to touch your child as often as possible. In addition to help you feel more close to you, will provide enormous benefits for the child and will help you to grow and develop.


  • Children who require special care they need both their parents and the specialists.
  • While in the intensive care unit, infants receive care on a twenty-four hours a day, they also need to feel the love of their parents. The physical contact helps the development of a strong personal relationship.
  • The child needs to hear the voices of their parents. It will be good that you will speak or sing all the time. Embrace it, and when it is possible to do so, so that you get to know your smells and thus feel close to you.

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