como decirle a tu hijo que es adoptado

Specialists in psychology recommend the use of the term adoption of a natural and simple way. In the past, the psychologists said that parents should not reveal to their children that they were adopted, so they decided to tell them that they were born in the family and had been in the womb of the mother for 9 months. However, years after this statement was changed, because that is not fair to the child that you hide important information about his own life.

Below, we give some tips for the minute that you have to tell your child that he is adopted:

  • Give the news in an appropriate place, showing them that came to you through a process of adoption should not be a rite of passage, but it's not what you can say in any part.
  • At the time of the news, the dad and the mom should be there.
  • The couple must have thought of some answers, because the children are questioning many things and wondering at the time you least expect it.
  • Explain to them that he was in the womb of another woman, who took care of him a lot during this time, but that when he was born he was not able to continue to provide care and that's why they gave the opportunity to them to give everything in order to grow in a good way.
  • You must say to him that since he came to the house, they are all much happier.
  • Never you must be lying to the child telling him that his biological parents were killed, despite the fact that the story is hard.
  • At the time of adopting a child, it must be clear that this will lead parents to establish responsibilities.

What is really important in an adoption

What is really important is to take action so that we do not play with the lives of small-scale, have been adopted or not. When a couple chooses to adopt a child or a girl child should be aware that your decision is very important and your child will be as one biological.

The children, whether biological or adopted, have the same right to be loved, cared for, and educated. Adoption is a great satisfaction for the parents, who are committed to serving and bridging of affection to a baby, and that by being small and without being conscious of it, we are giving the best years of your life.

The to be parents in any way is a wonderful thing, adoption is the fit more noble and important in the life of a child, so much so, that changes the lives of new parents and small to always.

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