cómo hablarle a los niños sobre el cáncer de mamas

Face the diagnosis of breast cancer is very difficult, even more so when we are mothers of small children and do not wish to expose them to complex situations. Talk about this disease with the family is something that solely depends on you, so that you can take the time to analyze things, to feel comfortable and find the precise words to communicate what is going on. Here's how to talk to children about breast cancer.

Possibly questions such as what if the children are scared, sad or worry too much? reaching around your head before you make the decision to tell your children about breast cancer, however it is vital that the guys know what is happening.

Resultado de imagen para mujer con cancer

How to talk to children about breast cancer

  • If the children are very young, experts recommend to not tell the boys the same day, the reason for this is that the mother and family need to assimilate the news and to understand the diagnosis before telling the children.
  • Our children are toddlers or teens, they must understand and engage in family situations, always according to their age and to the extent that they can, they will have the ability to deal with the diagnosis of mom if we are clear with them.
  • We should encourage the children to express their feelings and emotions, let them let off steam and never suppressing them.
  • How to communicate the news to the children should fit to the child's age: if they are small (up to 8 years of age) do not give more details, explain in a simple way so that they can understand. If the kids are older (8 years and older), it is possible to explain in detail about the disease and how they should deal with this situation in family.
  • Maintain a climate of union, trust and support.
  • Even if you have a small child it is important that you mention the type of cancer present (in this case of the breasts), the part of your body that is being affected, how will be the treatment and the changes that they must face, trying to convey confidence and security.
  • If you have several children, it is advisable to give the news separately, always in a quiet environment and without interruptions.
  • After giving the notice give him time to assimilate the information, will surely feel overwhelmed and have concerns, tell them openly according to their age.

“As a mother, it is feared that they will be frightened as much as she does when listening to that word as evil as the disease itself. But I must say with peace of mind, faith and security that you will come out victorious after a long treatment,”said the psychologist of Infant Center, Rosemary Kattán of Saints.

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Why is it so important to talk with the truth?

“The children should know what is breast cancer, what treatment to follow and above all to find in them love and strength to fight every day,”said Rosemary Kattán of the Saints, otherwise, the guys will try to listen to conversations between adults, and to learn the damage will be greater.

Talk with our children, family and friends about what is happening, will allow us to bring more enthusiasm to the diagnosis with the conviction that, with treatment, everything will improve and we'll go flamboyant with this whole situation.

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