Cuidados intensivos pediátricos

Lack of weight or growth during pregnancy, are some of the factors that lead a newborn baby in intensive care. Learn about the four most important reasons that can lead to your baby to pediatric intensive care.

Some specialists ensure that approximately one of every ten newborn babies needs to spend some time, although it is very brief, in an intensive care unit infant special. Most of them have been born ahead of time or not having grown enough during the pregnancy. Only a small percentage goes to special care for any illness.

The aim of this unit is to protect and provide care to premature babies, away from all the dangers that threaten his health and feed him until you can do it alone.

  1. Infants with lack of weight

Any child weighing less than two kilos at the time of his birth is smaller than normal and need special care. Newborns who weigh less than normal are premature, born before the end of the pregnancy.

  1. Premature Babies

The pace of development of the fetus has as limit reference his birth at the end of the pregnancy (forty weeks). For the reasons that are, if your baby was born before time you will not be prepared for life in the outside world. The children born before the thirty-five weeks of pregnancy are considered preterm, according to the time of advancement you will need the help of special care.

  1. Small for his birth

A baby is considered as small for its date when it weighs less than expected, for the number of weeks that have passed since his conception. It is usually children that are born at the end of the pregnancy, but they are small. These children present different problems to premature babies.

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Those who are born only three or four weeks before the end of the pregnancy and the small for your date, enjoy good health and are fed correctly and may stay in the pavilion of neonatology alongside their mothers.

  1. Risks to the health

If your internal organs are not well developed, could have difficulties breathing, feeding and regulation of body temperature, they are also very vulnerable to infections. Your level of sugar in the blood could be very low (hypoglycemia), a condition capable of causing brain injury if you do not receive the proper treatment. You will need supplements of iron and calcium if you have a lack of these essential minerals.

What needs covering the Units of child Care?

In care units, the child is cared for twenty-four hours a day by specialized medical personnel and with a wide range of technological devices, support. It controls the temperature, your breathing, your brain system and immune, and his power.

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