Ingredientes naturales para la piel de las embarazadas

The women we are accustomed to use cosmetics to improve some aspects of our skin, and while we are pregnant we prefer to take care with the ingredients of nature.

It is recommended to consult the doctor before starting to use any oil or plant, because in some people can cause an allergic reaction.

There are gifts of the nature which decrease the typical physical disorders of pregnancy:

For stretch marks: stretch marks occur in pregnancy because the skin needs to stretch for the increase in the volume of the abdomen.

To prevent them or decrease them, you can apply:

  • Rosehip oil: Regenerates the skin tissue, gives elasticity, nourishes, hydrates, stimulates cell growth, and helps heal.
  • Centella asiatica: anti-Inflammatory, returns elasticity to the tissues, enhances the production of collagen which helps the skin stay firm.
  • Jojoba oil: Penetrates rapidly the epidermis and acts as a regenerator.
  • Vitamin E: Heals scars, helps the natural regeneration of the skin, improves the elasticity and microcirculation of the skin.

For cellulite: cellulite appears or increases during pregnancy because of the hormonal change that occurs.

To leave to one side the unwanted cellulite you can use:

  • Centella asiatica: Develops a new structure on the skin in the affected areas, improves the cell nutrition and metabolic performance.
  • Vitamin C: Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, it optimizes the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  • Birch: Promotes the elimination of liquids.

Treatments firming: After the pregnancy the skin can become flaccid, with loss of elasticity and a little toned.

To change the state of the skin, the nature gives you these items:

  • Algae: Antioxidants, speed up cell renewal, nutrients such as iodine, calcium, magnesium and vitamins B and E.
  • Royal jelly: Removes impurities and slows the aging process of the skin and improves the hydration and elasticity of the tissues.
  • Wheat germ: Ideal for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Smoothing effect that improves the appearance of the skin.
  • Oil of Emu: Hydrates, tightens and prevents sagging of the skin.
  • Citrus: Helps to control the levels of fat in the skin, clean, refreshed, and have antioxidants that stop the deterioration of the tissues.

For blemishes and acne: This is due to the hormonal changes experienced by the agency.

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Acne during pregnancy can increase or improve, while the machas in some cases, are hereditary and are caused by the increasing of melanin or pigment that gives color to the skin.

It is important to remember that these treatments are only for cosmetic use, and should not be eating.

  • Witch hazel: Astringente, next the affected area in case of acne.
  • Almond oil: it Is neutral, softens, and hydrates the skin and acts as a regenerator.
  • Snail extract: Nourishes and regenerates the skin by decreasing blemishes, removes impurities.

For the wounds of the nipple: Are cracks linear in the surface of the skin and can be located both at the tip as at the base of the nipple. They can be painful because of the sensitivity presented by the suctions frequent and intense that makes the baby, or for a incorrect position for nursing.

Under medical supervision, you can use some of these recommendations:

  • Matico: Healing of wounds.
  • Calendula: Helps to treat wounds and is anti-inflammatory.
  • Arnica: anti-inflammatory and analgesic.
  • Cod liver: Decreases inflammation, helps maintain healthy skin, and combat diseases that affect.

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