Importancia de la hora sagrada

Life in itself is sacred, now imagine how important is the first hour of a baby's life, for him and his mother, that's why, increasingly, there are more specialists in neonatology to join the campaign of a “humanized birth”, where respect for those 60 minutes for the newborn and its mother communicate skin to skin.

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Importance of the holy hour

In cases where hospitals have respected “the holy hour”, specialists have corroborated the positive influence that it has on breastfeeding; it also improves the state of health of the baby and takes care of the boxes of stress in the mother.

La hora sagrada después del parto

That emotional and sensitive moment of mutual recognition, brings positive effects in synergy, link and health of the mother and newborn, short and long term. Among them we will highlight those observable behaviors in infants than during the “holy hour” leading to the first suction or outlet of milk:

  • First cry: it happens when the baby's lungs expand for the first time.
  • Moment of relaxation: the moment in which the newborn stops crying and is calm.
  • Open the eyes: indicated by the doctors that at 3 minutes after birth, the baby can open eyes and move the mouth.
  • Continuous movements: after 8 minutes the baby already moves the head, lift the torso, he pulls the tongue out and looks at his mom.
  • Adaptation and relaxation: during those first 60 minutes the baby will have several periods of rest.
  • Crawling: although it is recognized as a reflex, when the baby is placed on mother's chest will slide as if you were crawling up to get to the breast, this happens after 35 minutes.
  • Recognition: here already the baby is in front of the nipple, and for 20 minutes it will be in the process of familiarization, so that will bring out the tongue, lick the nipple and make sounds. This happens at minute 45 after birth.
  • Be attached and feeding: finally, after an hour the baby will already be familiar with the nipple and begin to suck.
  • Sleep and rest: the mother and the baby usually fall into a deep sleep about an hour and a half after delivery.
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The best place where you can be the baby immediately soon as he is born (if no complications), is on the chest of the mother. Recent research corroborates the effectiveness of the breastfeeding when the baby has skin to skin contact with the mother during the “holy hour”.

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