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The 2nd trimester is the best time to start communicating with your baby through the stimulation, because the hearing sense is developed. Jorge Sandoval, gynecologist explains about the importance of stimulation in pregnancy.

When a woman is pregnant the baby can hear, see and feel from the womb, it is very important to build bonds with your child, before, in front of the world, this union can be talking to the baby, putting the music of Mozart or stroking our belly. It is important to feel accompanied before they are born, this will benefit your physical, mental and of the senses.

A baby that has received stimulation before birth, will have an auditory development that will help you calm down when you recognize those voices that I heard while in the womb and in addition, be more loving.“The stimulation also contributes to the development of intelligence,” explains Sandoval.

The specialist adds that “The stimulation of the child is essential to neurological development, from month 4 or 5, the baby hears everything that is happening around you, for this reason learn to know the voice of their mother and father, she feels the music and he also feels noise unpleasant”.

The senses are important for the fetus because by means of these be ready to face the new environment. The touch appears in the 11th week of pregnancy, while the senses of smell and taste, is developed between weeks 12 and 13. The placenta transfers various chemical elements to the amniotic fluid where the embryo experiences varied smells and tastes.

To week 17, you can listen to various sounds, especially to distinguish the voice of his mom. Parallel to this, is the view.

There are ultrasounds that show the baby's heart rate, which increases by 15 beats or more per minute, a time that perceives a stimulus. In addition, the activity of the brain exhibits changes when there are noises such as the doorbell and the music, among others.

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But beware! Never try to stimulate the baby up abruptly, that is to say, do not put lights or loud noises. Remember that the best way to stimulate it is to do so in a pleasant way.

2° quarter

The 2nd trimester is the best time for you to have contact with your child either by talking or putting music. This, as the sense of hearing is almost fully developed. Try listening to music you relax, because that is passed on to the baby.

3° quarter

From the 3rd quarter should continue to be encouraged by the hearing and all the senses of the small. Also it can teach you that, when you move, your mother will have an answer, because each time you feel a movement, the more likely it is that you caress your belly, so the baby to relate the movement with the action of your mom.

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