Codo de niñera en los bebés

To raise the children by the arms is a practice that we do for years now, even our parents also did so with the purpose of playing and having fun with us, but this activity can bring some consequences, we refer to the subluxation of the head of the radius, or what we know commonly as a nursemaid's elbow in infants.

Raise the arms to turn them over, take him by both arms to resemble a swing, they are movements that at first glance seem harmless but they can cause injury and trauma to the baby in the long term.

bebe alzado por los brazos

The bones of babies are in constant change and even though sometimes we think that are very skilled and flexible by the ability to fall and get up without any problem, our children are fragile and we must care for them. Over the years, the bones are being replaced by other larger not only in size but also in density, a process that occurs up to 25 or 30 years of age.

What is known as nursemaid's elbow in infants?

It is a painful injury that affects children under 5 years of age, when we raise the arms or wrists without much care. This fissure is quite common and produces the dislocation of the bone of the elbow.

How do you know that the child suffered this injury?

  • Keep the arm in a fixed position.
  • Signs of pain when trying to move the arm or wrists.
  • There is No presence of inflammation but yes in a lot of pain.
  • Place your arm on your abdomen and press it.

What to do if your child has nursemaid's elbow?

  • Take him immediately to the doctor.
  • It must be reviewed and subsequently re-place the ligament in its usual position.
  • The arm will be immobilized for a time.
  • Place a sling on the arm of the child (the doctor will tell you how many days).

How to avoid this injury in children?

  • The ideal thing is taking the child by the armpits or waist, never by the arms or wrists.
  • Of your list, fun games, removes the fact that taking the baby out of the arms and rotate them or make a swing.
  • Lift it safely and without exerting greater force.

bebe alzado

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If we perceive that our babies have nursemaid's elbow, don't try to move your bracito, this may aggravate the damage. While you're going way the doctor is trying to relieve the pain by placing ice packs. Remember that it is a painful injury and the treatment for the ligaments to return to their position, they must be prescribed and monitored by a medical specialist.

Remember that time that the baby has suffered nursemaid's elbow will be prone to new injuries in the arms and wrists, by which we must be most careful.

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