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  • Requirements to adopt in Chile
  • 3 Foundations which could serve as support
  • Address of the SENAME according to regions of Chile

To carry out procedures of adoption in Chile it is necessary to abide by certain rules and meet certain requirements, starting by having a legal marriage, be over the age of 25 years and under the age of 60.

Requirements to adopt in Chile

The steps to adopt are divided into two parts, the first part consists of:

  • To make the adoption application filling through the website of the National Service of Minors, a form that will allow you to start the process.
  • Attend the initial interview to proceed with the adoption you requested, in this interview the specialists will analyze and study your field social.
  • Prepare the corresponding documentation is one of the following steps as long as the interview is approved, and confirm that you are the right person to take care of the small.
  • Bring all the required reports such as psychological testing.
  • To complete the first step, you will enter in a waiting list for adoptions, so you should be attentive to any call.

After completion of the first step, the partners started the second part:

  • You must attend the training activities such as a prior step to receive the child adopted, the institution is responsible for adiestrarte about care or responsibilities that generates a child.
  • Is assigned in the first instance to the lesser, that is to say, the specialists evaluated the characteristics of each child and suggest in a first-time parents to the little boy who they believe may be part of your family.
  • You must come to the evaluation meeting as a step prior to the requested confirmation by the court you will be offered the possibility of reuniting with the child, although always accompanied by the professionals of the institution.
  • Comes the time of the adoption of the child assigned to, where the prospective parents receive from the court the request for confirmation of the situation resource raised, and then go before the judge and formally agreeing to the adoption.
  • After all these steps, the couple can receive his son, to start the process of coexistence.

After that the spouses begin to share at home with their new family member, the representatives of the National Service of Minors conducted a series of visits to ensure that we maintain the care and needs for the physical and mental integrity of the child.

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Adoption laws

In Chile, the adoption is regulated by the Law N 19.620, August 5, 1999; and for its Regulation, contained in the DS N 944 of 2000, the Ministry of Justice and the Hague Convention on Protection of children and Cooperation in respect of intercountry Adoption, 1993, ratified by Chile in 1999. The most important thing of this last regulatory body is that coordinates officially relations in the field of adoption between countries that have ratified this convention, with the purpose of generating adoptions safe between the country of origin of the child and the country of reception, which will be your final residence.

Consistent with the spirit of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Law N 19.620 establishes in its article 1 that “the decision aims to ensure the best interest of the adopted, and protect their right to live and develop in the bosom of a family that will provide you with affection and will try to care designed to meet their spiritual and material needs, where this cannot be provided by their family of origin.”

The principle of the best interests of the child has been a determining factor in the new approach, which governs all the process of adoption, both the specialists and the agencies involved in such a procedure, they should preserve and always for the welfare of the child over any other consideration particular that could present adults interested in adopting.

3 Foundations which could serve as support

  • Fundación Chilena of the Adoption
    Address: Calle Viña del Mar 050 Providencia – Santiago – Chile
    Tel: +56 2 2665 2139
    Aids care, women in conflict with their motherhood 2229472 / 085965279
    Web: www.fadop.cl
    Give kids to couples that comply with the requirements.
  • Foundation My House
    Address: Thomas Andrews no. 025 Providencia – Santiago – Chile
    Phone applicants : + 56-02-27903800
    Web: www.fundacionmicasa.cl
    Mail: [email protected]
    Give kids to couples that comply with the requirements and to single individuals.
  • Fundación San José for the Adoption
    Address: Antonio de Pastrana – Vitacura – Santiago – Chile
    Tel: (56) 2 3999614 / (056) 2 3999620
    Web: www.fundacionsanjose.cl
    Give kids to couples that comply with the requirements.

Address of the SENAME according to regions of Chile

  • Metropolitan Region
    Orphans 587, Santiago
    +56 2 2398 0515
  • I Region of Tarapacá
    Sotomayor 726, Iquique +56 57 248 1164
  • VI Region del Libertador Bernarndo O'higgins
    Bueras 30, Rancagua
    (72) 23 74 26
  • VII Region of the Maule
    Building Plaza Center No. 801, Piso 2º, Esq. 1 East, 1 North, Talca
    +56 2 2398 0515
  • VIII Region of the Bío Bío
    Barros Arana No. 983, Conception
    +56 41 238 0884
  • IX Region of the Araucanía
    Aldunate 555, Temuco
    (45) 21 03 73
  • X Region of The Lakes
    Serena 115, Puerto Montt
    (65) 34 29 00
  • XI Region of Aysen
    Balmaceda 365, Coyhaique
    +56 67 221 4905
  • XII Region of Magallanes
    Republic Street No. 41, Punta Arenas
    +56 61 223 5246

Source : Sename.cl


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