separación de los padres

In this article you will find:

  • How do we explain the separation to our children?
  • What we must avoid at the time to report this situation?
  • What care we should take at this stage?
  • What problems can lead to children's separation from parents?

The separation of parents can certainly change the child and generate some problems, that is why, not only just that mother and father no longer live together in favour of a quieter life and without discussions, but also learn to deliver the correct information to their children and to accompany them in this important process; the psychologist Jessica Pineapple, speaks on the topic.

Piña explains: “to a greater or lesser extent, the separation of the parents it is a situation that the children do not understand, for this reason, both parents should learn to manage their frustrations and explain it the best way possible this new reality.”

The professional explains to us the consequences, reactions and the most appropriate way of dealing with this issue with children, although they are very tiny.

How do we explain the separation to our children?

  • It is very important that both parents are present to explain to the children that you are separating.
  • According to the age of the child, you must use a language they are able to understand.
  • With much affection and calm it should be explained that parents will no longer be or live together as a couple, which is necessary for them to return to get along and stop fighting.
  • Another element that should be very clear is to tell you that it is a problem of adults, that love to them as children is still intact and will now be able to build together another way of doing and being family.

What we must avoid at the time to report this situation?

  • It is not recommended that the child to believe that “the father is traveling but will return”. After a time the child will discover the deception and that could cause many emotional difficulties.
  • Avoid that the children take “party” for one or the other, for them it is very complicated because both your parents are, they should be noted that it is not their fault, children are children. It is good to pass safety.

What care we should take at this stage?

  • You should always be careful with the tone of the words that they say to one another.
  • Avoid situations too violent to children, whether physical or verbal, is not descalificarse to children, much care must be exercised with triangular to the child, that is to say, to pretend that the children enter the conflict taking part by either of the parents.
  • You must keep the issue of adults in the field of adults and, above all, they should consider the child's emotions to the different situations.

What problems can lead to children's separation from parents?

The demonstrations related to the separation will have many factors such as the type of relationship with the parents, the child's age, the circumstances in which it occurred, the degree of involvement of the child in the conflict, and the relationship post break between parents and children, it is common to warn of problems such as: confusion of emotions and irritability, behaviour altered, distraction, school problems, sense of vulnerability, intense fear of being abandoned, feelings of guilt, fantasies of reconciliation, or feeling of guilt.

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With all of these situations the parents must maintain the posture, and even if they are not united as a marriage, they should be united as parents.

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