Sonambulismo en los niños

Sleepwalking in children is a sleep disorder rarely occurs in one of every 10 young school-age children and their cause can be due to some disruption of the patterns of “regular” sleep.

Sleepwalking in children

Occurs during the deepest sleep of the child (dream slow), which makes the little one who is asleep will “wake up” at night with eyes wide open and gaze fixed, these can reach:

  • Walk around the room and even around the house.
  • Perform things.
  • Move objects.
  • Open or close doors.
  • Undressing or dressing.
  • Move with poor coordination, but this does not prevent to move or to emit hushed tones while not understand what they say.
  • Later will not remember absolutely nothing of what happened.

In childhood this disorder is not related to psychological states or epilepsy, this disruption of the sleep in the child is harmless and should disappear with the maturation of the dream.

What should we parents do?

  • Not to try to wake them up, the ideal is to bring them carefully to your room.
  • Avoid treating them as ghosts, they are not.
  • We must keep them away from dangerous objects or sharp.
  • Keep windows, doors and cabinets closed with braces.

It has been proven that 10% of children between 4 and 6 years old have episodes of sleepwalking, so that if our child is a sleepwalker, it is not advisable to sleep in bunk beds, or near stairs, we also have to create routines of sleep for the child to rest as much as you can.

How to help fight the sleepwalking?

  • Ask the pediatrician if it is appropriate to prescribe a tranquilizer that will facilitate the dream of the child.
  • Inculcate habits of sleep at night and rest during the day.
  • Avoid that gets to the bed exhausted.
  • Talk to him calmly about what happened during the night.
  • To locate your room in a safe place.
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Except for a few exceptions, the disorder remits with time and completely disappears before adolescence.

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