Importancia de leerle cuentos al bebé

Despite the technological age, books are still a great tool to show the babies to the magical world that surrounds them. As parents we are responsible to teach our children all about life outside the uterus. But, what is the importance of reading stories to the baby if you don't understand us?

It is true that babies do not know how to read and also do not understand faithfully what is said, but this is not an impediment to start reading stories to our little ones, books with simple pictures help the children to have a rapprochement with the outside. So when did you start reading stories? IT'S JUST BORN!

Importance of reading stories to the baby

Says Marion Durand (T. Duran. Read before reading. Spain: Anaya, 2002) on the skills that children can develop through the reading of images:

Recognize and identify: yes, when you put it in front of a baby a picture or illustrated book, he is able to identify, the reason is that it establishes a significant connection with what you see when it recognizes the image.

Imagine: little by little, the mentality of the baby is expanding with the growth and development, so you will soon be able to imagine or recreate things, this is a time really significant, and it occurs from three months onwards, if we read stories which are similar to sounds of the air, the cat or the train, you'll be able to notice how soon the baby will also try to say “Chuu-chuu” recreating the sound of the train horn or train.

What books to read to babies?

We seek out books that contain pictures or illustrations of animals, toys, children, and simple objects with which they can identify and expand the knowledge they have of the world around them, little by little we can go to a member other types of images with greater difficulty according to the age and maturity of the child.

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Books without words, exactly those that do not have any kind of texts are ideal for babies, so your initial reading will be through the image, in addition to mom or dad will have the freedom to create stories based on the illustrations.

Recommendations of stories:

  • Good night, by Jan Ormerod.
  • Mom has a house in the belly, Giles Andrae and Vanessa Cabban.
  • Tales before sleeping. Silvia Dubovoy.
  • The most beautiful lullabies of the world. Miguel Angel Mendo Valiente
  • If I were a lion. Isabel Pin.
  • Sounds surprise it Tararí! I Tarará!. Dawn Sirett
  • ¡Cu-cú baby!. Karen Katz
  • The colors. Rettore AS
  • Kisses. Beth Shoshan and Jacqueline East
  • Then I am happy. Jenny Miglis, with photographs by John E. Barrett

It is vital reading to babies from birth, the warmth of our voice and the sweetness created by the approach of mom-baby by a bond of love, which also stimulates the passion for literature.

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